10 Things To Do At Home This Halloween

I’ve been waiting for Halloween to land on a Saturday night for ages… this year the only thing getting lit on Halloween will be my fall scented candles. Here’s a few ideas on what you can do for Halloween 2020.

This year will be different that’s for sure, but you can still get in the spirit of Halloween without having to leave your house, so here’s to making the best out of a bad situation; Your Guide To A Quarantine Halloween.

  1. Have a Halloween movie marathon – a list of my top Halloween movies can be found here!
  2. Pumpkin carving evening!
  3. Halloween music playlist and a few ghostly drinks!
  4. Halloween baking! Pinterest is your friend!
  5. Practice your halloween makeup skills! – There’s always next year!
  6. Play some Halloween games! Throw a spooky twist on a classic game!
  7. Cook some sinister snacks! again Pinterest is your best bet for ideas!
  8. Do a tarot card reading and find out your future!
  9. Get crafty; whether that be creating some spooky decorations for next year, print off some Halloween colouring in sheets; or you could even start making next’s years costume!
  10. If your not bored of the virtual parties / drinks just yet then this is always an option to show off this year’s costume!

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