Wednesday, 29 May 2013


First ever blog post, it's only fair that I write about what I do best, internet shopping! Those of you who know me, will know how much I love Zara collections, I'm especially a sucker for a good Zara blazer, however with the expensive price tags it does mean I have to limit myself, my student loan doesn't last forever!
I just recently purchased the Zara Asymmetric Wrap Skort in white for my friends birthday night out, I didn't think the price tag of £25.99 was too bad... That was until I did my usual eBay hunting and found it in all the colours for £3.89 + £1.99 p&p. I thought at £5.88 per pair I couldn't go wrong, so I then decided to order them in black and that sort of coraly colour, which I also love at the minute. The only downside is they are shipped from outside the UK so delivery is a good month, but I'm not going away until early July so I don't mind the wait, and living in this country I'd be very surprised if we have more than a week of sun let alone a summer. Whilst on my hunt I also came across another pair of shorts which are also in Zara's latest collection and that is the Checkered Printed Shorts, these are on Zara for £22.99 and on eBay for £4.93 with FREE p&p, again you have the long wait, but for that price the wait is well worth it. I also found Zara's signature Cross Wrap Blouse in the stripped pattern for £5.47 with FREE p&p, and a pair of Yellow shorts which I haven't actually seen anywhere before but I think they have that Zara look to them, they also come in navy and white and I found these at £8.99 with FREE p&p. The last two items again have the long wait from China I think it is, but if your not in a rush for them it is definitely worth saving some money and browsing on eBay. Finally the last item I purchased was some Gold Ankle Cuffs, I've been wanting these for a while now but I was waiting for a UK seller on eBay to stock them, as with jewelry and accessories you will find if you give it a few weeks after you've spotted them being sold from China and Hong Kong,the UK shops start to stock up and there's not much in the price. UK sellers usually add a few pounds on, but if your like me and want things straight away, your usually willing to pay the extra pound or so to make up for waiting 3-4 weeks. I purchased these for £4.99 + £1.00 p&p, which I didn't think was too bad. All the items are linked for you, so go check them out and happy shopping!

                                                    HOLA JOANNE

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