Tuesday, 2 July 2013


'A look into my jewellry box'

¡Hola! well it's nearly time for my holiday, two more sleeps and i'll be relaxing and of course partying in the sun! This holiday seem's to have come round so fast, I feel like I still have so much to do. I've only just finished off my packing this evening, very unorganized compared to usual. When deciding on what jewellry to take, it seemed more difficult than usual, as I seem to have built up quite a collection. These are just my usual and favorite pieces, let alone the tubs I have full upstairs. I didn't actually realize how many coloured watches I owned either, mind you for €3.00 each, you can't complain. Most of my jewellry is cheap stuff from either Primark or eBay, I do have my Links of  London bracelet and my Pandora but that's as far as it goes for expensive jewellry. I'm quite happy buying the cheap stuff as if I lose it, or it gets ruined, it doesn't matter, and that way I can afford to have a change and buy new bits here and there.


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