Tuesday, 6 August 2013


¡Hola! so I've recently spent a while organizing my beauty products!

 The draws I have are the 'Anderson 4 Drawer Chest' and they can be purchased from Argos for £59.99 per set. Then just simply place the draws whatever width apart you want and pick up a cheap work surface from any DIY store and just lay it on top!

This is  the 'Rektangel Glass Vase' which I came across in IKEA for £2.25, and thought it looked perfect for storing all my new make-up brushes!

As my sunglasses collection was building up I had the idea to hunt for some sort of stand and I came across this '10 Pair Acrylic Display Unit' on eBay for £6.99 + £1.99 p&p.

Whilst I was in IKEA I also came across these 'Skubb Box, Set of 6' which are the white boxes on the left for £6.00, most of these are going to be used in my wardrobe but I decided I would use one to store some beauty bits in on my dresser, and I will use another for the other products currently sat on the window sill. 

 Another eBay purchase of mine were these 'Crystal Acrylic Earrings Display Stand Set' for £1.39 + £1.39 p&p. These are for studs but also allow clip-on's to be attached which is perfect as I don't have my ears pierced.  

A few products on display.

 A 'Clear 24 Lipstick Storage Display Rack' which I found on eBay for £2.99. 

 Make-up and Nails Draw with the use of the IKEA 'Variera Utensil Tray' which was £1.50.

Bit's and Pieces Draw with the use of the IKEA 'Variera Utensil Tray' which was £1.50.

Hair Draw with the use of the IKEA 'Variera Utensil Tray' which was £1.50.

Hair Electrical's Draw 

Finally my last storage product is this 'Nail Polish Rack' which can be free standing or wall mounted, this was more pricey at £26.99. But not only does it look great, it makes finding and choosing a colour so much easier, so I definitely think it was a good buy. 



  1. Great post and I wish I was as organized haha! I need to get a nail polish rack, I can't believe that I still haven't gotten one; it's so convenient! :)

    Andrea | RosyChicc

  2. Wow this is awesome! I really need to get things like these too, my stuff is just spread all over my place and I can never find anything! x

  3. Love how your stored your nail polish - I totally need to do that too.

    Stop by sometime, xo Natalie

  4. Love your organisation! Especially for your nail polishes!! xx

    Rachael | beautypea.com

  5. That nail polish rack is exactly what I need in my room! Tbh my whole make up storage needs to be updated haha it's not looking too great right now.


  6. Love your storage ! Might take some ideas for my make up and nail vanish storage when i'll go to uni in september !! You have a lovely blog :) Check out mine if you like !


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