Thursday, 20 August 2015


I have just finished University back in May and my mum wanted to go away somewhere to celebrate, I fancied a relaxing all-inclusive break – which I haven't had in years. So I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try Greece as I am usually someone who always holidays in Spain, but I have always fancied going to Greece; everyone tells me how hot it is and that I need to go and try it out for myself.

I got recommended by a friend who finds amazing all-inclusive deals all year round. I found a deal for around £300 for 1 week, all-inclusive flying from Leeds Bradford, staying in Corfu at 4* Aquis Sandy Beach Resort.

The photos of the resort looked beautiful with multiple pools, Wi-Fi access around the whole resort, multiple restaurants & bars on site, a private beach – literally everything you want from a relaxing getaway.

As I rang up to book the deal quoting my online unique code the call operator went through multiple rules and regulations stating all bookings are final, I am agreeing to the price on-screen etc etc – although I also added return shuttle transfers and baggage which made it around £350; still good for an all-inclusive I thought.

After everything had gone through, the operator talked me through the booking in detail including the flight times, and as he got to the return flight he mentioned a stop in Dublin, I said excuse me there was no mention of a stop before I gave my card details, he said I'm sorry but we assured you that you would be flying to and from Leeds Bradford, you did not mention that you needed a direct flight – I didn't know I had to!

At this point as you can imagine I was very annoyed and I demanded he booked me a direct return flight, he claimed the Ryanair flight on that particular day was fully booked and that was the company they primarily used, apparently that was why we had to make a stop in Dublin, but he would do me a favour by checking with other airlines – damn right! Sounds like another money making excuse to me!

He found a direct flight with Monarch but it would cost me another £50 surprise surprise, I wasn't going to wait in Dublin for hours, so I had to tell him to go ahead, he told me he would send booking confirmations etc over email in the next few hours. Perfect! Cost me another £100 that the initial advertised price but I could cope, I'm sure it would be worth it!

I went about my day as I usually would, and when I checked my phone I had around 10 missed calls and an email from the call operator stating I needed to ring him back as soon as I could, I immediately rang back, to find out the problem. What now! he went on to tell me that the prices for baggage on Monarch was different from Ryanair and he could only get me 10kg baggage and not 20kg which I had paid for, is that okay? – Unless I wanted to pay another £50 I think it was.

Unfortunately for this fella I am a frequent traveller and I know the 10kg baggage in a cabin bag is free for all passengers – he had not booked me this at all, and £50 had previously been added to my bill for a shuttle transfer and baggage - I also know that a return shuttle transfer is usually around £10-£15. I was really mad by this point and demanded to speak to his supervisor, within seconds he apologised and said the company would cover any extra costs there might be.

That was the last time I spoke to him, and the booking confirmations shortly arrived, it will also be the last time I use I think in future I will stick to good old, reliable Teletext Holidays

Have you ever used Ice Lolly? What do you think about it?


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