Monday, 30 April 2018

Forget Culture Shock, Here's How To Hurdle Language Barriers With Ease

With the promise of sun, sea, and carefree days, it’s easy to see why so many us opt to move abroad at some stage in our lives. In fact, around 1.3 million Brits have taken to sunnier shores in the EU alone. So, you could say overseas relocation is big business. But, that’s still not to say it’s a smooth transition. Every one of those 1.3 million people will have had to deal with paperwork, foreign housing, and culture shock.

Thursday, 26 April 2018

How to Make Your Jacket Work With Your Outfit

A lot of people take a jacket with them when they go out but it’s really just to keep them warm. The problem here is that it is more than possible for you to make your jacket work with the outfit that you have and it’s also possible for you to feel completely comfortable with it at the same time as well. The only thing that you have to do is make sure that you have these essential jackets in your collection, and the rest will fall into place.

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Four of the Best Destinations in the World For Snorkelling

Being able to explore in the water on a holiday is one of the best things about going abroad. The clear blue seas that you can find in places like the Caribbean are a far cry from the likes of Scarborough or Brighton! But what can be a pain is if you head off to do diving, swimming, or snorkelling, and all you can see is tourists in life jackets and flippers in your face. Which is why you need to pick your destination wisely. It can be tricky to find a secluded but still safe area to snorkel and enjoy watersports, but not impossible. Here are some of the best spots to visit, but shhh! Don’t tell everyone!

Are You Ready For an Adventure?

A lot of the time, travelling is about getting to a warmer climate and then sitting by the pool drinking from chilled glasses and getting stuck into a good book. While this is great for kicking back and relaxing, it isn’t really going to satisfy your curiosity so much.

Friday, 20 April 2018

Classic Destinations (That Are Well Worth The Trip)

If you ever look for travel advice, you will have noted that a huge proportion of advice is dedicated to finding the “hidden gems”. The idea behind this ethos seems to be that no one would ever truly want to visit the most popular sites, and that every tourist is craving the opportunity to visit somewhere completely off the beaten track.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Fabrics You Need to Familiarise Yourself With

No matter who you are, what your aesthetic is, or where your interests lie in regards to fashion and style, you’re going to come into contact with clothing every single day of your life. Whether you purchase all of your clothes from stores or you’re planning on starting to make your own clothes, it’s extremely important that you familiarise yourself with the different fabrics that are often used in clothing production. It will help you to decide which you want to choose or use and which are the most appropriate for your needs! So, here are a few commonly used materials that you should know a little more about!

Saturday, 14 April 2018

How To Make Travelling A Pleasure Rather Than A Pain

Everyone loves holidays, there’s no doubt about it, but some people don’t like the experience of travelling to their destination. For some it’s boredom, and for others it’s a dislike or fear of the actual travelling part of their holiday. Whether you’re jetting off on a weekend away, or you’re going on your family holiday, there are always ways to make travelling a better experience. Even if travelling doesn’t particularly bother you, there should always be room for more fun and a more enjoyable experience. Here’s how to make travelling a pleasure rather than a pain.

Monday, 9 April 2018

The Most Beautiful Cultural Havens To Explore

When you’re travelling around the world, you should be striving to learn something. Yes, it should be a relaxing experience too; you want to have fun and see incredible places. But if you’re going to explore then it should be an enriching experience. You’re seeing places on the other side of the world, so you should want more than a picture for Instagram. You should be trying to learn something about the destinations you visit. Travelling is an opportunity to learn about the beauty of a country beneath its pretty exterior. If you’re wondering where to go in order to have such an enlightening experience then here are some of the most beautiful cultural havens to explore on your next adventure.

Thursday, 5 April 2018

3 Beautiful Beaches In The South Of France

If you’re looking for a great beach holiday that doesn’t break the bank, somewhere in Europe is your best bet. You can get cheap flights out there and there are some amazing resorts to choose from. One of the best areas is the South of France, a region famed for its glorious sunshine, world class food, and incredible beaches. You don’t even need to fly if you want to keep the costs down, you can take the Eurostar. If you’re planning a trip to the South of France, these are some of the best beaches you’ll find out there.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

5 Unmissable Parts of California That Aren't Los Angeles

California is perhaps the most incredible state in the whole of the USA. I’m sure many people would argue otherwise, but when you consider the sheer variety offered by California, it’s hard to argue otherwise. The best way to demonstrate this is to ignore Los Angeles for a second and look at what else the state has to offer. For a start, there are 5 locations that are completely unmissable, and they have nothing to do with L.A. Read on to learn more about them.
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