3 Items You Need In Your A/W Wardrobe

It’s definitely starting to get colder here in the UK, the morning’s and evenings are getting darker, bath time has become a regular evening activity and it’s safe to say winter is coming!

As most of us are still working from home and probably more people will begin to over the next few months if they aren’t already, there are 3 key wardrobe essentials I have been loving.

1. Shackets

I think it was around this time last year that shackets really became an Autumn/Winter trend piece, in particular plaid shackets. I fell in love with them last year and picked myself up and orange tone and a green tone one.

This year however they have been back again in a big way in almost every colour way you can think of. For those that don’t know a shacket is a mix between a shirt and jacket, it’s basically a thick shirt you can wear as outerwear.

This pink one is the latest one that has been added to my collection. I feel like I’ve been living in black clothes again for the last week or so, so I really wanted to try and introduce some colour back into my wardrobe again and I love this pink and white plaid shacket with contrast stripes.

I feel like you can style these shackets so many different ways, here I have it on with a simple pair of ripped mom jeans, and a plain white sweater. I picked this up in a size L for reference as I like them pretty oversized to wear with some of my thicker knits underneath.

I’ve then styled it with black and brown accessories, I feel like pink can go with most colours, you could darken this look up by pairing with dark jeans and a dark sweater or you could brighten it up some more with white jeans and a white wool fedora.

Which way do you prefer, brown or black?

2. Cardigans

The year of 2020 has been all about the cardigans! I don’t think I’ve worn cardigans as much in any other years, I was always all about the blazer life (which I am still a big fan of) but cardigans are comfy and cosy, and can actually look really trendy if you pair them with the right accessories; for me that would be a fedora hat and a belt of some sort.

I think the working from home life has got us all hooked on cardigans this year, from cropped to oversized to fitted to maxi; everyone needs a good staple cardigan in their wardrobe.

At the minute I am loving really simple looks, kind of a luxury for less vibe. I feel like any outfit paired with a crisp white shirt always makes it look more expensive. So here I have opted for a plain white shirt, leather look leggings, my new black maxi cardigan, a wool fedora and tan accessories such as this waist belt.

Maxi cardigans are probably my most worn cardigan this year, I feel like they can be thrown on over pretty much anything and look pretty good while feeling cosy, but you can also easily dress them up with belts.

You could have a belt under the cardigan to tie in your waist and let the cardigan flow, or you could use a belt over the top of your cardigan like I have here to really accentuate your silhouette.

I also really like to pair maxi cardigans with scarfs and belt around not only the maxi cardigan but the scarf, this look can be super chic for the winter.

For sizing reference I usually pick up a 10/12 in jumpers and tops depending on the fit however I pick up most of my cardigans (including this one) in a size 14 because I like them to be quite oversized so they are super cosy, I then just cinch them in at the waist for a more fitted look. This way I feel like I get two cardigans for the price of one.

3. Loungewear sets

OK now this isn’t really a new trend, I think we have all been loving loungewear for the last 3 years I’d say at least, however again with the working from home life of 2020, you can wear a loungewear set every day if you like! so in my opinion you can never have too many.

I have to say I still keep my loungewear sets for weekends most of the time, simply because I don’t quite feel like working when I’ve got one on, but you never know when we hit full on winter and it gets cold, anything to avoid a hefty heating bill haha!

My favourite loungewear sets are those from Femme Luxe, I’ve always been a big fan of their loungewear, especially their ribbed sets. Here I have on this ribbed jumpsuit, it’s belted at the waist so you can still look a little more put together, but it’s so comfy to lounge around the house in.

I picked up this ribbed loungewear jumpsuit in a M\L but I could have probably sized down in this, I’m usually a medium on top but a small on bottom so I do often struggle with dresses and jumpsuits, but because this has cuffed ankles I can get away with it being slightly bigger on the bottom half.

This was me at the weekend, matching my grey bedroom haha. I can tell already I’m going to get a lot of wear out of this in the coming months.


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