5 Reasons to Get a Bigger Car

If you hate the thought of driving a big car or feel scared at the idea of having so much power, you certainly aren’t alone. So many of us stick with small city vehicles, thinking that they are easier to drive, handle better, or certainly that they’ll fit into small parking spaces more efficiently. But, land rovers, SUV’s and other large vehicles are becoming more popular all of the time. You probably see plenty at the gym or shops and might even know someone that has given up their little car, in favour of something with a bit more space. Here are just five of the reasons that you might want to upgrade your city runner to a 4×4.

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More Space and Comfort

One of the big benefits of a big car is space. You’ll have more room in the trunk, but also more space to sit comfortably in the cabin. In a land rover, you’ll be able to take road trips, head off on staycations, or even travel to other countries in comfort and style. Luggage, bikes, and any other large goods will fit in the back easily, and even with bags, comforts and accessories, there’ll be plenty of room to stretch out for your journey.


When you’ve got a city car, you can only really drive on city roads or large motorways. They won’t be comfortable or even safe off-roading, or even on dirt tracks in the country. They may even struggle in poor weather conditions. Check out options from a Land Rover dealer, and you’ll be able to drive safely in all conditions. 


When people see a large car on the road, they respect it, and so you as the driver. They’ll give you space, be careful passing you, and they’ll never worry that you know what you are doing. When we drive bigger cars, we’re less likely to have an accident just because other road users give us more space and time. 

Elevated Driving Position

Cars like SUVs or four-wheel drives offer the driver an elevated position on the road. Your range of vision will be much better, and you’ll have the chance to spot and avoid hazards much sooner 

Towing Capacity

If you love travelling in this country, or one day hope to take a family camping, then you might be interested in towing a caravan or trailer. Most city cars would struggle with this, but big vehicles have no problem. 

Larger cars aren’t what they were. They’ve evolved from gas-guzzling beasts that are hard to handle and control, into comfortable vehicles which drive well across all terrains. Most modern 4x4s handle just as well as a smaller car, and added gadgets such as parking sensors, mean that parking will never be a problem. If you’ve always driven a little car, you may be surprised by how comfortable, manoeuvrable and easy to drive a significantly larger vehicle is. Most people that go from big to small, never even think about going back again.

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