5 Touches To Make a Hen Party Extra Special

It’s hard to go wrong when it comes to organising a hen party. If you put a lot of good people together, then you’re all going to have a good time! But if you’re in charge of organising the party, then you don’t want to settle for “good”; you’re looking for “great”! As such, you’ll want to add a few touches that’ll ensure the bride to be and her nearest and dearest all have a cracking time. We take a look at a few of these touches below.

Go Big With Accommodation 

You could stay in a hotel if you’re going away for the weekend, but this isn’t always the best option if you’re part of a big group. Everyone will be in different rooms; there’ll be no common hangout spot, and so on. As such, take a look at something that’s a little bit bigger and better. If you can get an entire flat for the gang of attendees, then you won’t regret it. You can all spend time together in the morning, get ready together, and so on. Perfect for a sense of togetherness!

Get Pampered 

Hen parties can be pretty stressful events. You’re all running around, having fun, and so on, yet there’s a downside to this type of weekend; they can be tiring! To ensure that everyone enjoys every aspect of the hen party, plan to have a pampering session thrown into the weekend. There’s nothing better than having all your friends and the bride to be fully relaxed from a massage, spa treatment, or anything else. Plus, if you’re all feeling amazing, then you’ll be able to stay out longer during the evening. And talking of which….

Nail the Night Out 

The hen weekend is all about the night out. There are a million and one ways to do this, but when it comes to making things special, it’s about taking the classy route. Leave the fancy dress costumes behind, and party with grace and style. Get dressed up in your most exceptional threats, and hit a luxury bar like Mahiki Kensington. The bride to be will love being all dressed up, sipping cocktails with her friends and family members. Plus, when you’re keeping things classy, there’s a chance that you might just remember the evening the following morning.

Plan an Activity  

Spas and nights out on the town are always good, but you’ve got to include some all-out fun on your hen weekend! You can do things like try to beat an escape room or head out into nature for a hike. If you’ve got a brave group of friends, go for a high ropes course; they’re equal parts fun and challenging.

Messages From Other People 

Finally, remember why you’re all there. There will be people who couldn’t make it for one reason or another, but they can still be involved. Ask them to send video messages, and play them for the bride when you’re all grouped together. It’ll make the weekend extra special – they’ll love it!

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