6 Places In Portland Perfect For A Corporate Party


Planning a corporate party can be a bit of a daunting task; after all, there’s a lot to keep track of. You’ll have to consider everything from budget, to food, to the number of guests and any number of other factors.
You’ll want to make sure the corporate party is fun for everyone, as well. There should be something for each person on your staff to enjoy, whether they’re active adventurers, or simply prefer to relax with a lot of good food and drink.

Trying to make it work for everyone is a tall order, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Portland, Oregon happens to be home to a lot of venues that are perfect for corporate corporate fun. Here are six of our favorite places in Portland to have a corporate party:

Go Bowling at Grand Central Bowl 

Bowling is still a great choice for corporate parties; it’s something everyone can enjoy and gives your staff a place to eat and play at the same time. Bowling ranks as one of the more popular social activities. It’s also great exercise and has been studied for its benefits, both mental and physical. You’ll be able to nosh on some snacks and burn calories while connecting with your coworkers in a casual, engaging environment.

We put Grand Central Bowl on this list, but there’s plenty of choices out there. Many bowling alleys are spread across Portland, so do a little research to find one that’s close to your office setting.

Try Singing at Voicebox Karaoke 

If your employees are particularly fearless, consider booking a private party at one of Portland’s many Karaoke bars. Everyone will have a blast as they give their favorite songs a try.

While the idea of having a company karaoke party might seem a little cliched, that’s only because it’s an option for corporate fun that’s been popular for years for businesses of all sizes.

Voicebox Karaoke is a great choice if you’re in Southeast or Northwest Portland, but there are plenty of great karaoke bars around. Or you could simply hire a DJ and have the party come to you at your own venue!

Play Volleyball at One of Portland’s Beautiful Beaches 

If you’ve got a staff that’s outdoorsy, and it’s the right time of year, you can head down to one of the many great lakes or beaches near Portland for a fun day of volleyball and swimming. While this option is dependent on the weather and transportation, it can be a great and relaxing choice on a warm summer day.

Try Walton Beach or the gorgeous Willow Bar Beach, both on Sauvie Island. Or look at George Rogers Park, which boasts hiking trails, playgrounds, and tennis courts in addition to the beach.

Pack plenty of food and don’t forget towels, sunscreen, umbrellas, and bathing suits!

Attempt Portland’s 7 Escape Room Experiences

Escape Rooms are a new and popular trend that’s sweeping the nation, and Portland is home to a number of them that make great spots for corporate fun.

You and your coworkers will be locked in a room together and have to solve puzzles, discover clues, and find your way out!

Escape Rooms are themed, so you can choose what type of adventure you and your staff want to have. Try a murder mystery, a World War II adventure, or even battle zombies and vampires as you attempt to find your way to freedom.

This is an ideal setting for smaller groups and if you want to have an adventure in a short time; there are time limits on them, usually about an hour. You’ll also have to make separate plans for food; try having a corporate dinner at one of the many great restaurants in Portland, and then heading to an Escape Room to solve a mystery!

Have a Corporate Picnic in Washington Park

Washington Park is a great place for families and a wonderful spot to visit during your days off, but it’s also perfect for corporate events!

Washington Park is the oldest of Portland’s many famous parks, and its sprawling 159-acres are absolutely packed with trees, flowers, and greenery. Reserve a picnic space here and plan a pot luck to have some corporate fun during the daytime; your staff will be able to relax and chat among a colorful, vibrant, natural atmosphere.

If that isn’t enough, you’ll also be able to take a stroll through the gardens, including the International Rose Test Garden, the Portland Japanese Garden, or the Hoyt Arboretum. Thousands of different species of plants call this area home, including more than 10,000 rose bushes.

Or, if you prefer animals to plants, you can take your staffers to the Oregon Zoo to check out everyone’s favorite furry friends.

Experience Unlimited Corporate Fun At Family Fun Center

Family Fun Center in Wilsonville, Oregon, is our top choice for corporate fun because of how inclusive it is. There’s absolutely something for everyone at this massive venue, not to mention food!

The competitive price is a major benefit as well; you can get a lot at Family Fun Center for a low cost. $25 per person during the week gets you a four-hour private party; in that time, you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited miniature golf, batting cages, bumper boats, go karts, laser tag, a zip line, rock wall, and many other activities.

Not only that, you’ll get arcade credits so you can enjoy some gaming with your fellow employees. And, of course, the food: you’ll be able to choose between a pizza and pasta buffet, featuring several different pizza options, spaghetti, dessert, and soda; or you can select the american buffet and treat your staff to hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled chicken, veggie burgers, chips, salad, dessert, and soda.

Ready to have some fun with your co-workers? It’s time to choose your adventure!


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