Bear Fruits Hair Masks

So after a recent bleaching session I was on the hunt for some hair masks to give my hair a bit of TLC. I originally fancied trying the Garnier hair foods mask but whilst browsing on the Superdrug website I came across these Bear Fruits hair masks.

I was initially drawn to them from the fun quirky packaging, I am a sucker for packaging and it really does play a big part in my purchasing decisions. The scent’s also sounded right up my street.

They had a Coconut Moisture Hydration Hair Mask, a Flamingo Smooth Soft Hair Mask, a Grapefruit Volume Hair Mask, an Avocado Oil Repair Nourish Hair Mask, a Pineapple Detox Revitalise Hair Mask and a Strawberry Detangle Shine Hair Mask.

Obviously I wanted to try them all haha but Superdrug had an offer on for buy 1 get 1 half price so I thought I would at least treat myself to two.

Usually I’d opt for anything volume related but because I really wanted to nourish and hydrate my hair after the home colouring I went for the Coconut Moisture Hydration Hair Mask and the Avocado Oil Repair Nourish Hair Mask.

Another thing which sold me on these hair masks is the fact that they came with fun little caps that’s sole purpose is for hair masks. The only hair cap I have is my usual shower cap and I like to keep that clean for when I am not washing my hair, there would be nothing worse than some residue being left in there and making my fresh hair greasy. The designs on the caps are also really fun and cute for a nice little self care day.

Now when I got these products I have to say I didn’t read them properly, as I thought I was getting a tub of product but you actually just get one sachet of product for a one time use and the cap. So initially I was kind of disappointed because I thought they seemed rather pricey at 5.99 per treatment. But then I used one! – it’s also worth noting that if you have shorter hair you might only need half the sachet, so you could keep it and use again next week 😀

Last night I used the Coconut one on my hair. You have to shower and wash your hair, then pop the mask on and leave for 30 minutes, then rinse off. Admittedly it’s a bit painful because I’m lazy so once I’m out the shower and in my fresh pj’s, I don’t really fancy getting back in ha.

But the product only goes on the ends and lengths of your hair so I just stuck my head over the tub and rinsed off with a handheld shower and by gosh I could tell a difference in my hair almost immediately.

Not only did it smell absolutely amazing! it also felt amazing. Today it still feels super soft and silky, but doesn’t look greasy which is the main thing I struggle with when using different hair products.

I’m now already looking forward to this weeks selfcare Sunday when I can try out the Avocado one!

Have you tried the Bear Fruits Hair Masks? what’s your go-to hair treatment at home?


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