¡Hola! so I thought it was time for a beauty haul!

  So Iv’e been wanting a new brush set for a while now, but I hadn’t until now, come across any bargains. I did a simple search on eBay looking for a brush set and stumbled upon this M.A.C 24 piece brush set for just £18.99. It is from China, so it does take a few week’s to come, but what’s two weeks when you’re saving over £100. The brushes are really good quality to say how cheap they were, the only thing that is missing is the numbers on the brushes, but you can easily see which one you need and when you need them by looking at the size and the angle of the brush. (Link on item description)  

 I also picked up a few bits from boots last week, which included these two ‘Colour Elixir Lipstick’s’ from Max-Factor. I do like these lipstick’s in the fact that they are very conditioning and moisturizing on the lips, however they don’t last very long and they are not the cheapest of products at £7.99 each. Luckily when I purchased them, they were on ‘buy 1 get 1 half price’ so I only paid just under £12 for the two, but I do believe they are now on offer at £5.99 each.  

Whilst I was there I also picked up some more No 7 face wipes which I swear by. There are many night’s when I either don’t have the time or I’m just too lazy to do my full skincare regime. These are £7.00 which is pricey for some face wipes, but if you ever receive the No 7 vouchers in Boots, the skincare voucher offers you £5.00 off, meaning you can get these wipes for just £2.00 a pack. 

I also came across Max Factor’s new ‘Wild Mega Volume’ mascara on offer for £4.99, and I’m all for trying new products so I thought I’d give this a go. Although I don’t know if it will beat Max Factor’s ‘Masterpiece Max.’

I also purchased this new Nivea ‘Protect & Bronze’ sun care lotion from boots before my recent holiday and I really liked it. It had a great smell, It could be applied nice and evenly with a nice spray nozzle and I did think it helped in tanning. I purchased this for £8.49, as there was and still is a half price sale on selected sun care products.  

I also decided to get an old favorite product of mine which is the Rimmel ‘Sun shimmer, instant bronzing spray.’ I’m not 100% sure on what this product is designed for, whether it be an all over tan or just for face. I only use this product on my face and neck as I think it really set’s my foundation, this product is also great for a summer alternative instead of foundation. This is priced at £7.99 which can be expensive if it is for an all over tan as I don’t think it would last long, but for facial use only, this small canister can go a long way. 

As I said before, I do like to try new products. I also like to try new brands I come across, for example ‘Flormar.’ I came across this brand whilst shopping in Benidorm, The brand had it’s own shop and really nice experienced sales staff, I have found a few brands I now love from shopping in Spain and they have all had such helpful pleasant staff as a pose to some of the staff we employ over here. The Lipstick I picked up was in the new collection, and was only €7.00 which I didn’t think was too bad, the colours were so exotic and vibrant it was difficult to decide which shade I liked best. In the end I went for this bright orange colour, the photo’s really don’t do it justice as it does look more of a shade of red here. It’s probably once of the best lipsticks I have ever purchased it stay’s on pretty much all night, it doesn’t give me that glossy look (which I hate) but it’s not as matte as the Barry M brands which dries out my lips horrendously. One of the sales women also found me the correct shade of lip liner to wear with this lipstick, and I’m not usually one for lip liners but for €4.00 I thought i’d try it, and I’m so glad I did, it is amazing. The only down side of this brand is there is no where to purchase it in the UK and unfortunately they only ship to Turkey at the moment, so I will deffinatly be making another stop in this shop in three week’s time when I am back there. Check out their products online and be on the lookout for their stores on your travels.

Another one of my favorite brands is Kiko Cosmetics, which I came across whilst shopping in Fuengirola back in 2012, I had only planned to stay on the Mijas Costa for 10 nights and ended up spending just under a month there, I had just run out of foundation and luckily I came across this shop. Before finding this brand I was forever trying out new foundations trying to find one that suited my skin, but since finding Kiko Cosmetics a year ago I have not changed foundation brands once. The foundation compact is a foundation which includes moisturizer and a SPF 20, perfect for the Spanish weather. It is only £11.90 which I believe is considerably cheap for a good foundation these days, it is called the BB Glow Compact however I’m sure when I first purchased this product it was called something else, I think the company have possibly changed the formula or re-branded the product over the last year.  I cannot fault this brand on anything, I now have one of my close friends also hooked on this brand and it offers shipping to the UK so we can stock up regularly, the only down side is there is a minimum order of £25 but that isn’t usually a problem for me as I like to buy two foundations at a time to save on shipping costs and this brand almost always has offers or sales on certain product so my other purchases vary. This time I decided I was in need of a rich red coloured lipstick and found this ‘Smart Lipstick’ was on offer from £3.00 to £2.50. Even for the initial price you can’t really go wrong, so check it out, link posted below. 




  1. August 6, 2013 / 8:52 pm

    The MAC brush set for just under £20 is such a bargain! Definitely am going to keep my eye out for that on eBay, I don't even mind the wait if it's saving £100 haha.

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