Bellami hair extensions review

I remember seeing Bellami hair extensions all over the internet and I loved them so much, my grandma bought me the set for my Birthday one year, I think I was aged around 16 at the time. I am now 26 so that’s 10 years these extensions have been going strong.

Back then Bellami didn’t have a European website so these babies came all the way from the United States of America, but you’ll be pleased to know they now do have an EU site, so products can be shipped much quicker and there won’t be any additional customs fee’s.

I fell out of love with clip in extensions a few years back now, probably when I decided to start colouring my hair ombre. Whilst bellami hair extensions are human hair; they can be washed, cut, coloured, and styled with hot tools. I didn’t want to colour them just in case I made a mess and ruined them.

My grandma; god bless, isn’t with us anymore so in a weird way I find these extensions kind of sentimental and hence the risk I didn’t want to ruin them by doing a DIY colour job.

Since I’ve been in lockdown I have coloured my hair a few times over the course of the last six months. Adding highlights, lowlights and giving myself a bit of a DIY balayage look. I now feel like the tones of my hair blend well with my extensions again.

It’s not a case of ombre where the ends are blonde and the extensions look odd. My natural hair is now a mix of chocolate brown; my natural colour and different shades of blonde.

My extensions from bellami are the best quality extensions I have ever used, they wash and style so well; just like my natural hair. They also keep the curls in for a long time with no products such as hairspray needed. Always a win!

The extensions for those wanting to check them out are the ‘Bellissima 220g’ in shade chocolate brown. These are the 22 inch full set of extensions. Bellami do offer lots of different options in terms of weight and size.

I prefer my extensions to be the same length as my natural hair or as close to as can be because I like them to blend well, and I really only like extensions for volume as a pose to length.

I also have a few random pieces of human hair extension in a blondette shade I picked up from eBay a while back; these are very thin and not good quality so I wouldn’t recommend these on their own, but clipped on top of my chocolate brown bellami extensions, they provide a perfect colour match to my hair.

All in all; I am and have been for a long time, very impressed with Bellami hair. Have you ever tried these extensions?



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