Would you believe, until this year, I had never actually tried anything from Benefit Cosmetics! I know it’s mad. I feel like Benefit is such a well known brand and I’ve always heard great things about their products, but i’d just never got around to trying them out for myself!

A month or so ago now I was on holiday in Spain and happened to pick up a magazine in the airport. With this magazine was a free miniature Benefit Rollerlash mascara. I remember growing up I used to always pick my magazine purely based on the free gift haha. But this was a pure coincidence that the magazine I wanted actually came with a decent freebie.

This mascara was my best friend whilst I was away – and remained my best friend for a long time after I was back. This little miniature lasted a good month for me – so I imagine the full sized bottle would be worth the investment.

What I loved most about this mascara was the fact that it only needed one coat. On a morning I don’t want a mascara that requires multiple applications and then ends up leaving me looking like I should be out on the town as a pose to heading to work. I look for a mascara that lengthens and curls the lashes in a more natural setting.

I found this mascara to be really conditioning for my lashes – they didn’t feel clogged up at the end of the evening – and most importantly, it didn’t take me any longer to remove. Once I read that this mascara was water resistant I was instantly put off, due to the fact that most water resistant mascaras take me about an hour to remove, but this just wasn’t the case with the Rollerlash. Win Win.

I was then on another adventure last month and whilst on board my favourite airline Jet 2, they had some big discounts on their duty free shopping. My initial plan was to stock up on the Rollerlash mascara – as that freebie has fully bought me over, but unfortunately this was out of stock on board the aircraft. However they did do a special travel exclusive multi pack of the Benefit They’re Real mascara.

This product, I have heard a lot about. I was really pleased with my purchases, because again this was another really good mascara I had discovered. The brush is much thicker than the Rollerlash and in my opinion slightly difficult to get used to, but I found this to be very long wearing – probably the most long wearing mascara I have tried to this date and the colour is very striking. However this mascara I really do struggle to remove! I don’t mind paying a little more than my usual for a good mascara, but I don’t want the expense of a pricey eye makeup remover just to get it off. I have been using this day and night for the last month though, so somehow I have managed to remove it, but to make my life easier – and who dosent want an easy life, I think this would be a better mascara to leave for the evenings and purchase the Rollerlash for during the day.

The next product I want to talk about is the new Benefit GALifornia Pink blush. I was lucky enough to receive this product for free, but it is so worth the purchase. I have to admit I am more of a bronzer – sun kissed glow kind of person and I think it’s been years since I have used a blusher. But after trying this one out for a few weeks, I don’t think I’ll be without one again. I also have to mention the smell of this blusher – do all Benefit blushers and bronzers smell this good? It’s a difficult smell to describe but it just reminds me of summer!

The colour when you see it, is quite striking, but I promise when you get it on it is actually rather subtle. although I suppose it could be buildable if you want more of a striking pink colour to your cheeks. I guess this could be up to you. When you first get the product it does come with a gold shimmer sunshine layer on the very top, this comes off very quickly as you can see in the photo, mine has already disappeared, and I did not notice this glow on my face, so if you want the glow – you will probably find this disappointing, but if like me you were hoping you wouldn’t be left with gold cheeks then fear not! You won’t be!

Along with my blush I was also sent two samples to try out – the Benefit POREfessional: pore minimising cream and the it’s potent! eye cream. But I have not yet got around to trying these products out yet. With the small amount that you are given to trial – I very much doubt I will be able to get a good grasp of the product and whether it suits my skin, but I will be giving it a go over the next week.

Have you tried any of these products? or is there a Benefit product you would recommend? I’m thinking of trying out their brow products next!



  1. May 8, 2017 / 8:05 pm

    I love all of those, minus the blush, which I've not tried yet. It's so pretty.

  2. July 20, 2017 / 7:52 pm

    I love Benefit and their products are beautiful but I was really disappointed with the pore-fessional primer as for me, it didn't really work or deliver.
    My favourite product from them is definitely Hoola – it's the nest bronzer and gives skin such a beautiful glow! 🙂

    Layla xx

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