Chicwish Honest Review 2022

I’ve been shopping with Chicwish for a fair few years now and since I have many new items from them in my 2022 wardrobe, I thought it was about time I did a bit of an overall review post.

The one thing I have always praised Chicwish on is their quality and attention to detail. Picking up similar pieces from other retailers would set you back a fair bit for this level of quality but Chicwish keep their pricing consistent value for money, making it a great affordable way to shop.

The only thing I would note when placing an order is it’s difficult to get an expected delivery date as stock is shipped from the US. the UK, Belgium or China, it really depends on the stock levels of the items. So I would definitely say if your looking to get a piece before a particular event or trip, order in advance.

On the topic of shipping they do offer free shipping when spending over a certain amount – I think its $50 – which is great, they also have lots of promotional codes and sales throughout the year, so you can always find a bargain! and it’s free returns from the US and UK, so no need to panic if something dosen’t quite fit as expected.

Chicwish have a range of products from cute sweaters to fun tulle skirts and my favourite which is of course their classic tailored coats and blazers. I’m going to be talking you through 10 of my favourite current pieces, showing you how I’d wear them and style them up.

1. The classic white stripe knit

Stripes are definitely here to stay this year and everyone needs a classic stripe knit in their wardrobe. I picked this up in a size L as I wanted it nice and oversized. Although wearing with black straight cut jeans here, I will also wear this a lot with leggings when working from home.

I really love the loose sleeves on this knit, the only thing I would say is the roll neck section is pretty high up my neck, I would probably roll down a few more times for comfort – and to stop my makeup getting all over it of course haha.

2. The plaid skirt

I absolutely love a check skirt at this time of the year and this wool blend skirt is my new fave. I love the v shape cutout by the leg – gives it a chic feel. The skirt also has a concealed zip (always a win) and has a 40% wool blend, meaning it keeps you nice and warm!

Granted I will probably wear it most with tights at the moment but I think it looks great with knee high boots too! I picked this up in a size M for reference.

3. The cape coat

This tweed cape coat is just perfect. I’ve always loved a cape coat silhouette. I think there is something really chic about them. The fact that it’s double breasted too. I always think double breasted jacketed give a far more luxe feel, don’t you?

The quality of this one is second to none. It’s a very thick tweed fabric and fully lined with a quilted lining so it keeps you nice and cosy. I picked this up in a size M for reference and the sizing is spot on.

4. The waterfall coat

This style of coat has been around for years and I see people sporting this coat year after year, so I finally had to get my hands on it. I love the chic grid print as it’s a print that will never date and the large collar gives it a real luxe feel.

It has a 40% wool blend so it’s nice and cosy and it’s also fully lined so perfect for this cold weather. I picked this up in a size L for reference as I wanted to make sure I could fit my chunky knits under it and of course it has a belt so I can just belt it to synch it in at the waist.

5. The tweed skirt

Another wardrobe staple is the tweed mini skirt! Mini skirts and skirt suits are going to be a big hit this year and this black and white ginham print skirt is the perfect addition to my wardrobe.

I picked this up in a size M for reference and it’s accurate sizing. I probably could have sized down however I do like to have a bit of give in my skirts and I often belt them anyway. But if you are in-between sizes I would size down.

6. The detail collared knit

Collared knits are going to be big again in 2022 with the return of the twee aesthetic fashion, and I couldn’t resist this pearl trim collar knit when I saw it. I picked this up in a size S/M and styled it up with black leather trousers, black boots and a black bag.

The knit is super soft and the pearl details really give it a bit of a luxury feel. I do wish it was slightly longer in the length, if I could have picked this up in a size M rather than a S/M that would have been ideal, but all in all, I know I will definitely get a lot of wear of out of this piece.

7. The sweater dress

You might remember seeing me in this grid print sweater dress in white, I lived in it this time last year and when I saw that it was still in stock and also in black, I had to pick this up.

Sweater dresses never date and this chic grid print pattern is perfect for this time of the year, especially with monochrome and checkerboard prints becoming so popular as of late, this piece really feels on trend.

I picked this up in a size M/L and it’s accurate sizing, deffo room to eat and has the give to belt at the waist and roll over if preferred. The fabric is nice and thick with good stretch to it, my only thing to note would be the roll neck is rather high up the neck so I have to double fold.

8. The classic black stripe knit

If we have a stripe knit in white, we also need one in black too right?! I picked this up in a size S/M and its the perfect fit. It’s still oversized enough to wear with leggings which is great when I’m working from home. Paired with some loafers and you have a stylish but comfy outfit.

Although I have styled this up as a roll neck, you can actually unbutton the neck at the side and have the collar open which I think is a great touch, especially for as we get into spring when it’s a bit warmer. It means we can wear our stripe knits for longer!

9. The gingham blazer

Does gingham every really date? I can’t get enough of this print. Especially in a timeless double breasted blazer. I picked this up in a size M and again the sizing is spot on.

This jacket is a piece that can be worn throughout the year. I have styled it up with white wide leg jeans as an example of how I would wear this going into spring/summer, however of course paired with a black roll neck for winter would look perfect too.

The blazer has really unusual silver buttons – trend alert – silver will be the go-to metal colour of 2022! it also has shoulder pads and is fully lined. Definitely a wardrobe staple.

10. The oversized coat

You can’t beat a classic wool blend double breasted coat. This is another item I think everyone needs in their wardrobe because they never date.

I picked this up in a size S as I could see from the size guide this was quite oversized. I would have actually preferred it in a size XS if it came in a smaller size. But in saying that, oversized coats are bang on trend right now, I love to war my oversized coats worn over the shoulders for a chic look; made edgy with a pair of biker style boots.

What is your favourite piece? and have you ever shopped at chicwish before?