Classic Destinations (That Are Well Worth The Trip)

If you ever look for travel advice, you will have noted that a huge proportion of advice is dedicated to finding the “hidden gems”. The idea behind this ethos seems to be that no one would ever truly want to visit the most popular sites, and that every tourist is craving the opportunity to visit somewhere completely off the beaten track.

What’s wrong with the beaten track, though?

While it’s nice to focus on finding hidden gems and less-well-known areas of the world, sometimes, it’s good to go somewhere predictable and well-known. There’s less risk involved in such a decision; after all, if you go to a popular tourist area, then you can be confident there’s going to be plenty of things for tourists to do there. Sometimes, the beaten track is just what you need from a destination— it’s not essential that every vacation you take is a wild, exotic trip into the unknown.

So of the most common travel spots in the world, which are actually worth the visit, and justify their place in the upper echelons of the “must visit” hall of fame?


There’s something about the ancient Egyptian world that holds modern tourists continually in its thrall. The fact that these constructions have lasted for millennia is truly staggering, and any tourist that spends time in Egypt will usually delight in every second of their visit. Make the most of your trip by visiting the Giza necropolis itself, then venture a little further afield to visit the incredible site of Abu Simbel.


If you’re a Brit, then the chances are you know at least one person who has been to Marbella. Marbella is something of a home from home for many Brits; in some cases, literally, as thousands of people seek villas for sale in Marbella every year and then invest in their very own holiday home. However, the popularity of Marbella is actually to its credit. The reason the resort is popular is because it has everything you could want from a simple holiday; sea, sights, sounds, sandy beaches. It’s a classic for a reason, and taking a trip to Marbella will never disappoint.


Paris is a classic tourist hotspot; the most romantic city in the world, and known for the incredible food and fashion available within the city limits. Is there any chance that a city could live up to such a billing? Of course there is and, true to form, the French capital does it with style. Paris truly is a wonderful city to visit; between the art, the fashion, the food, and the historical sites, the worst traveller problem you’ll experience in Paris is trying to figure out which enthralling site to visit next.


Dublin is another city famed for its city breaks and, particularly over recent years, the number of stag and hen dos that choose the Irish capital for a weekend of revelry. However, sometimes a reputation is well-earned, and Dublin’s nightlife truly is among the best in Europe. If you’re looking for a fun weekend away in a lively city where there’s always something going on, then you can’t go wrong with Dublin and — in particular — its famous Temple Bar area.

The Canary Islands 

The Canary Islands — Spanish islands located in the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of Africa — don’t have the best reputation among UK holidaymakers. They are often seen as the kind of destination that everyone chooses, and if you choose to go to there, it must be because you have nowhere better to go. This reputation is simply unfair. The Canary Islands are full of truly incredible sights, and their popularity is purely due to the fact that they are actually worth visiting. There’s so much to do and see across the islands that you just can’t go wrong, and any traveller will embrace the incredible sights and sounds to be found across the islands.


London Finally, the English capital of London is always worth your time. There’s simply so much to do here; delight in the history, tour the art galleries, head to the West End to catch a show… you simply can’t go wrong. If you’re looking for a fun city break that doesn’t involve the need to catch a flight, then London is the perfect choice. In conclusion Popularity isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and the beloved destinations above are more than worth your time when considering your next holiday. Have a great trip!

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