Co-ord Queen

If you’ve been around here for a while you’ll know that I am obsessed with co-ords even before co-ords were an actual trend I’ve always like to ‘co-ordinate’ my outfits to my accessories.

I think I picked up this from my mum many moons ago, and back in like 2015 when the bright watches were a trend I always matched my watch to my shoes, as I got older I matched my handbag to my shoes, then I became obsessed with short suits after watching Pretty Woman and obsessing over Julia Robert’s bright orange short suit. I think I have at least 10 that I love in my wardrobe right now and season after season, year after year they always get so much wear and never date.

Over the past few years co-ords have become more of a regular thing and whether your looking for a tailored suit, a piece of loungewear or even something to head to the beach in, you’ll be able to find yourself a cute little matching set no problem.

My go-to place to pick-up co-ords as I’m sure you’ll already know is Femme Luxe. I’ve shopped there for years because they always have the latest trends, the best co-ordinates and are really affordable.

If you read my last fashion post, I talked about picking up a white ribbed short sleeves loungewear co-ord. The fit was great, it is very wearable in the hit and miss weather we have been having at the moment, I felt put together in it, even though it is essentially loungewear and I can imagine I will be wearing this piece time and time again, even in the winter time with a fluffy gilet or sweater layered over the top.

With this in mind, I decided I also needed it in a beige colour, I’m very much about the neutrals in normal day-to-day life. I say normal because things in the UK are slowly starting to return to normal, and as much as I love the brightest co-ords (and I really do) these are more for an ‘at-home’ day for me, although that has been my life for the last however many weeks and will continue to be so until things are officially back to normal.

I’m not prepared to risk it to venture out into this ‘new normal’ and give myself high levels of anxiety in the process – so still expect to see plenty of bright coloured pieces in my posts – at least for now!

But yes so, when I saw this ribbed co-ord in stone, I knew this again would get so much wear whatever time of year it might be, and whatever year it might be, I still have some of my favourite co-ords from last year that I like to re-wear and re-style. As much as I love new clothes and fashion, it’s also important to be grateful for the clothes we already have and re-wear them pieces.

The next new little co-ord I picked up was this green tie dye high neck co-ord. I’m still all about the tie dye life right now! More-so because like I said, I’m still shielding indoors so a tie dye co-ord is my new work uniform. I love it!

The last little tie dye set I picked up from Femme Luxe a good few weeks back now was a pink based one and I love it so I really wanted to get one in a different colour and when I saw this slightly different one with the unusual neckline, I had to have it.

Finally the last little two piece I have to show you, and one of my new favourites is black side stripe crop top and shorts co-ord.

I have to say I’m not a huge fan of crops, I don’t have abs and therefore I don’t think I should be sporting a crop, but when paired with some high waisted shorts and just a slight little bit of skin is showing – I’m down for that.

This little sporty looking set really gives me sort of ‘Vampire Diaries’ Elena style vibes, I’m not sure why but I just think it’s very American casual style. Wether it’s to chill in, go for a run or do some self defence classes in the woods with ‘Alaric’ (if you know, you know)

They also had this little set in grey which was also super cute, but for me I think the black will get more wear out of it, I can also team the shorts with a different shirt and the same with the crop, I can always pair this with some cute denim high waisted shorts and make a brand new look.

That’s another great thing about co-ords and why I think I will continue to be obsessed with them. They not only look great together, but you’re getting two new items of clothing that can be mixed and matched with other items you have already in your wardrobe, the amount of looks you can make with a co-ord is endless!

How do you feel about co-ords and what’s your preference, do you prefer them to be loungewear or tailored?


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