Dressing for hit or miss weather

I have to say deciding what to wear each morning has been challenging to say the least recently. To say we are now in July, holy moley – just saying that out loud sounds like madness. But yes, to say we are in July the weather has been really hit and miss recently here in the UK.

I think it was Tuesday evening the temperatures dropped and I had to get up in the middle of the night to find out an extra thick blanket, I then awoke on Wednesday morning with the sniffles and then the panic immediately set in.

I know I’m safe as I haven’t left my house since March, and the likelihood of contracting the virus from deliveries is super low but I am a worrier. Anyway I found out my winter wardrobe and layered myself up for the next few days – after my daily Insta shots of course and I was back to normal by Friday. Panic over thankfully!

This morning however the sun was back and I was back in my shorts once again, I have heard the temperatures are going to drop again this evening and then shoot up once again tomorrow – who can keep up?

Anyway I have set aside a few new pieces I have been kindly gifted from Femme Luxe to show you some outfit inspo whether it’s nice and warm out there or super chilly.

Let’s start with a piece for a sunny day because that’s the weather we want at the moment right?, especially when we’re all going to go into panic mode as soon as the chill comes and we get a bit of a cold.

I have been obsessed with these shoulder pad t-shirts as soon as they first appeared at the beginning of Spring. Obviously we have all been taking full advantage of the ‘loungewear life’ recently, especially those that have been working from home like myself, and these shoulder pad tee’s just give a little bit of structure and definition to an ordinary plain tee – which is just a basic essential in any wardrobe!

I haven’t though, until now, seen these shoulder pad tee’s in tie dye. Like most I have been into the tie dye trend, it’s just a super fun summery look that reminds me very much of the american style.

I actually love the american style, particularly in summer – very american eagle, hollister and Abercrombie sort of vibes. I picked up this tie dye structured t-shirt in a size L which is a 12-14 as I like them oversized and pretty long to tuck into shorts and jeans, and I love it, the fit and quality is great.

Moving swiftly on to a cold day, which is exactly what England seem’s to be doing to us recently, I picked up the softest, cosiest grey fleece high neck loungewear set. I mean you can say they are pyjamas or loungewear, take your pick.

I picked this up in a size M and it’s just the right size, the bottoms fit perfectly and the top is nice and oversized, it also has a drawstring on the bottom so you can pull it nice and tight and keep extra cosy!

If we have another super cold day next week and I get a bit of a chill again you can be sure I will be putting this super soft loungewear set on and i’ll be calling it ‘loungewear’ for the day 100% as I work away at my desk.

I think I’m probably going to be living in this come winter time. I will definitely be on the lookout for more colour-ways of this, you know me, if I like something, I need it in every colour haha.

Speaking of needing to have the same thing in every colour, did you see my blog post the other week featuring this ribbed loungewear set in a rusty burnt orange colour? Well I’ve had it on multiple times already this week so I’ve picked myself up the exact same set in this dusty grey set.

Just like the brown / burnt orange one, I absolutely love this set. I feel really put together and chic in this set, it really is one of the comfiest things I own, so it’s the best to be sat down at a desk all day in. It beat’s my work trousers anyway haha.

I picked up this grey ribbed loungewear set in a size M/L and it was definitely true to size.

The last item I have added to my wardrobe recently and are a good shout whatever the weather is these high waist ripped knee jeans. I was having a bit of a try on sesh earlier and I haven’t had them off since.

They are a really good fit and have an extremely high waist which I love, I can’t imagine ever buying a pair of jeans that aren’t high waisted now. I do seem to lack on the ‘good jeans’ department and I definitely didn’t have a good favourite in this light wash denim so I’m really pleased with them.

I picked these up in a size 10 which is my usual size in jeans and I can say they are definitely true to size, they are a really good fit. I love the large rip to the knee, I don’t think I have a pair of jeans in any colour that have such an extreme rip to the knee.

They also have frayed edges on the bottom of the jeans which I am also a big fan of, I feel like these can be easily dressed up or down, whether you pair them with trainers, little ankle boots like I have done here, or a pair of barley there heels.

As soon as things go back to normal I can wait to pair these jeans with a nice pair of heels and a black lace bodysuit.

All in all I think I am now much more prepared for whatever weather I will be waking up to tomorrow haha!


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