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So I’ve just recently heard about the magic in a tub, that is coconut oil from Vita Coco. I am already a huge fan of their coconut water, so when I read about this and it’s many uses in the latest Boots magazine, I knew I had to try some. Funnily enough my gran has always been a fan of coconut oil, raving about it’s ‘magic qualities’ for hydrating, moisturising and even growing hair, but I’ve never actually tried it myself.
The tub states its extra virgin, 100% raw, organic, cold pressed, unrefined and free from harmful chemicals. It states it can be used as a hair conditioner, a moisturiser, a makeup remover and a shaving product… All this from one little tub.
I ordered this 250ml tub from boots for £5.99 which I didn’t think was too badly priced at all. Unfortunately it was badly packaged, so it leaked everywhere leaving me with only half a tub, along with a load of other oily products. If you’ve used this product before, you’ll understand how oily the rest of my order became… (I have issued a complaint)
Nevertheless I was very intrigued to try it and I was very impressed. It literally melts in your hands, it smells amazing and it feels like silk gliding on your skin. I also decided to try it as a hair mask, it did say to rub the product into the ends and scalp and then shampoo thoroughly, but my gran always left hers on overnight and I’m sure it won’t do any harm… I say, sat with greasy looking, oily hair… I guess I shall find out how that panned out tomorrow.
Now I have also heard many people using this product to bake with, blend with, fry with and oil pull with. I have to say I am a fan of oil pulling as a cheap but healthy way to keep my teeth looking white. However, the pictures I have seen, have a tub which states the slogan ‘Eat It, Wear It, Swear By It.’ Yet my tub just states ‘Swear By It’ so I think I’ll just stick to wearing it for now haha.
Have you tried this product? How do you like to use yours?

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