Fall 2020: Fun Things to do

The fall season is in full swing, and Halloween is approaching fast. But there’s still a good few weeks left before the last of the leaves have disappeared from the trees, and the first frosts have arrived. Here is a list of five fun things to do before fall 2020 comes to an end.

Harvest Your Own Pumpkins

You know it’s fall when pumpkins start appearing in the stores. It’s so exciting. There are millions of things you can do with pumpkins that are seasonal and delicious. You can make pumpkins pie, pumpkin soup, or pumpkin spice lattes. What’s even more fun than that is harvesting your own pumpkin from the pumpkin patch. There are many local farms now offering this as an event. They even have stalls set up selling pumpkin pie and pumpkin coffee. Pick your own pumpkin from there for eating for carving – it’s the only time of year to do it. 

Drink Pumpkin Spice Coffee

This drink is only ever in the shops at this time of year, which makes it extra special. When the fall is over, you quickly forget about pumpkin spice coffee and start drinking cinnamon coffee. Of course, you can make pumpkin spice coffee all year round. All you have to do is keep a spare can of pumpkin spice in the cupboard. The trouble is that it’s a seasonal drink. It just wouldn’t taste the same at Christmas or during the summer, so make the most of it this fall. 

Take a Leafy Walk

At no other time of the year is it possible to go on a nature walk and see so many colors. The landscape is particularly impressive in fall. For a fun seasonal thing to do, you should put on your walking boots and go to your local coffee shop. Buy a pumpkin spice coffee and drive to a local forest or mountain. You don’t have to go for a hike. Even just driving through the landscape with other vauxhall suvs is worthwhile. The fall season is short. Before you know it, it’s winter, and all the fun is over, so don’t miss out.

Go to a Drive-in Cinema

Drive-in cinemas might seem a little out-dated, right? It’s the sort of thing your parents and grandparents used to do before the internet. But guess what! They’re coming back into fashion, especially this year with the pandemic on, and most of the cinemas closed. What not book yourself into a drive-in cinema this fall with a friend or date. There are lots of great films on – contemporary and classic ones. 

Make Halloween Costumes

A favorite thing to do at Halloween is to make costumes. It’s a seriously fun way to let your creativity and imagination go. Have a brainstorming session to come up with costume ideas for this year. You might want to consider your zoom Halloween party because some costumes might not work as well over webcam. Still, you should try to be creative and original; it’s always better if you come up with a funny idea or character to share with friends.

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