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Black is slowly creeping out of my wardrobe and all the shades of nude are slowly creeping in. I love a good nude look and once again Femme Luxe Finery have sorted me out in that department. The outfits I will be showing you have all kindly been gifted to me from the brand and I think this is the best haul I have yet to show you.

Before we jump straight into the 50 shades of beige, I want to first show you something I have been after for a while. A pair of high waisted flared jeans – Yes I said flares.

It must be..what ten years since I have rocked a pair. Flared trousers on the other hand, I have quite the collection now, but flared jeans have been a recent love of mine that has been missing from my wardrobe since watching a YouTube video from one of my faves; Lydia Elise Millen Gordon. She styled a pair so elegantly and classically; I knew I had to find the perfect pair.

Like most I am often quite funny with jeans, I am different sizes in different stores and I always think ordering jeans online can be a little bit hit or miss as to whether they get sent back or not, but when I saw the perfect pair of mid wash denim flared jeans, I knew I had to try them out.

Let me tell you I think I have found my new favourite store for denim. Femme Luxe Finery jeans are truly, true to size; which I don’t say very often. They are very comfortable, very high waisted and a proper denim material – if that makes sense. None of that pretend fake stretch denim is what I mean as I for one am not about that camel toe life.

Put it this way this pair of jeans may be my first from this brand, but they most definitely won’t be my last, so if your on the hunt for a new pair of jeans, I would highly recommend trying some from Femme Luxe.

OK now on with the nudes! First up, I picked up with Beige Blazer Style Playsuit. As soon as the weather gets nicer I am all about the playsuit life, as long as it looks good and it’s relatively comfortable I can cope with the awkward toilet needing moments.

This I have to say is very comfortable for a playsuit, I love the stone colour and it’s that stretch fabric that’s just easy to wear – but it also comes with a zip so it has a loser fit, which is great for summer and it means it doesn’t cling to the bra at the back as that is also not a vibe haha.

Another winner I found was this Stone Double Button Pinafore Dress – now this is pretty low cut but I just did what I always do and banged a safety pin in there and I think this is my fave piece from the haul.

I feel like this is such a classy, dressy up dress for summer. I often find dresses are either day dresses or going out dresses and there isn’t really much in-between but I found loads of options on femme luxe finery and this being my fave.

I am a very blazer person anyway, like I don’t just wear blazers to work, I wear them on weekends with jeans or with a dress on an evening out, I think a nice blazer can dress any outfit up and just finish it off nicely, so when blazer dresses became a thing over winter I was all over that and this is the perfect summer version in the perfect summer colour.

The last item I chose was this Peach Mini Shirt Dress, OK so not really nude but I feel like peach and blush pink also sits so nicely with nude colours and is also such a summer colour. I don’t usually suit shirt dresses, but I like how they look on everyone else so I thought I would give this a go, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

Here again I have dressed it up, but I can also picture this with a cute pair of sandals and a bomb leather jacket. I think that would be such a vibe actually. They did this in a few colour ways as well if I remember correctly; I kind of fancy the white one too. Although one thing I have to say is, you do need a slip of some sort underneath as the material is quite sheer, but that’s expected with chiffon anyway so I was well prepared for that one.

What’s your favourite piece from the haul?

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