Finally yesterday I managed to pass my driving test, and it was about time! Most of my friends have been driving since they were 17 and they are now 21! I did take my test back when I was 17 but lets just say it didn’t go so well! I then like many got too nervous to try again after the traumatic ordeal! Before I knew it life had taken over and my theory had expired, so in February I decided I would bite the bullet and try again! with my theory passed I waited until I had finished Uni before I began lesson again, once stressful thing at a time I thought!

It must have been around June when I began to take lesson again, this time with a fresh instructor and a new attitude, 3 months later I can finally say I have done it! but now I have the burden of finding a suitable car that is not only cheap to buy, but cheap to run, tax and insure.
I suppose the one good thing about being the last one to pass my test is the fact I have a number of people I can ask for help and advice!
I have a few cars in mind which I’ll post below! any feedback or recommendations would be muchly appreciated!
                                                                   Vauxhall Adam
                                                                        Citroen C1
                                                                        Fiat 500 Pop
                                                                   Peugeot 107
                                                                   Peugeot 108
                                                                   Renault Twingo
Toyota Aygo

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