Fluffy pull through braid tutorial and hair update

I’ve been loving playing with my hair recently and finding new hair styles. It’s crazy how much more time I have now I’m working from home, more time on a morning to actually do my hair nicely, rather than shoving it up in a messy bun; check. More time on an evening and more energy on an evening to try out and practise new styles; check.

To think all this extra time was spent sat around in the cold waiting for delayed buses and trains, then paying above the odds to travel on these overcrowded buses and trains, making my pack lunches or spending too much money on a meal deal, to then arrive home and feel exhausted.

That’s not to mention I spent most of my day in the office with ‘a bit’ of a cold due to the dreaded air-con no doubt. Now that just isn’t living anymore if you ask me. I’m very much a member of the #wfh4life club.

I can’t image going back to working in an office 5 days per week now; nor would I want to.

Anyway, so yes my hair! Over the lockdown period I freshened up my highlights/ombre/diy balayage – whatever you want to call it. Now I know it’s not perfect; I’m not a hairdresser so I’m not suggesting you do this to your hair.

But I haven’t been to the hairdressers in the last 10 years, I have always cut and coloured my hair myself; I had decided this was the year I was going to brave it and get a professional cut and colour – it was actually one of my new years resolutions but as you can imagine, that hasn’t happened yet and I very much doubt it will; maybe next year eyy.

It’s taken a good few months of getting my hair to where I want it to be, because I was in the house I didn’t mind going through the brassy orange stages and I’ve been using a lot of hair masks and treatments to get it in a good condition again. Now I’m pretty happy with the colour I decided I needed a change in hairstyle too.

Plaits and braids; something I have always loved but something I never found the time to do and perfect; especially before work. It’s actually quicker for me to braid my hair than it is to curl it or straighten it, so it is what I would call a quick and pretty easy hairstyle; but if you are pushed for time, it’s so easy to fall into the trap of the ‘bun on top of the head!’

In the last few months I have also been posting much more regular on Instagram, I’ve really fallen back in love with the platform and after posting some pictures of my braids and plaits over the last few months I have had quite a lot of comments and DM’s asking for a tutorial so I thought why not!

My filming skills isn’t quite to up par and I’m still learning to get more into video for creative content like IGTV, stories and reels; but I’m getting there… I think!

So here is a quick and easy tutorial of how I created this fluffy, messy pull through braid. I used a full set of Bellami 22″ hair extensions in the shade chocolate brown for the extra volume. For a full review of bellami hair extensions click here

I hope you enjoyed this post and mini tutorial! Let me know if you try out the pull through braid!



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