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I felt like Hello Spring needed it’s own blog post. After such a glorious bank holiday weather wise I wanted to officially say hello and tell Spring I am happy to have it here.

Although in saying that, today we have definitely seen some April showers. Happy Birthday to me eyy. Oh and it’s my Birthday today! I haven’t been feeling great recently; just not myself somehow. I should be thankful for everything I have, and I do try to be most of the time, but we all have those down periods. So I thought what’s better than doing a bit of a try on haul of my lovely new clothes gifted from the lovely Femme Luxe Finery to brighten up my day.

First I chose this black belted one shoulder jumpsuit. I’m completely obsessed with anything and everything one shoulder right now. It’s slinky and elegant and perfect for this time of year, it’s not shorts and arms out weather quite yet, but we’re starting to get to the point where you can go with something long sleeved and possibly a blazer that you’ll later take off.

Yep coat season is well and truly over, and gone are the days you can have something hideous on underneath and cover it with a big teddy coat and therefore still look remotely dressed up. So jumpsuits are the new dresses you need in your wardrobe. In fact I think you’ll see later on in this post how keen I am on this jumpsuit.

Okay, OK so Spring is in and we’re bagging up our winter clobber, but…. but, I just can’t get out of my loungewear just yet, my comfies and cosies are just not ready to disappear yet; and we all know my favourite place to buy loungewear co-ords has to be Femme Luxe Finery. Whatever colour of style your looking for, I would put money on the fact Femme Luxe stocks it!

I fell in love with this grey high neck cropped loungewear set. Yes I probably should have gone for something a little more brighter and seasonal, I’m trying not to use the word Spring again ha – but I love grey. I love grey walls, grey carpets, grey furniture and grey jumpers OK. I can see this being one of my faves for years to come. Classic’ fashions dont fade.

Next I picked this black ‘give in to me’ slogan oversized t-shirt dress. Sometimes I like to go out and have dinner, possibly fit in an ice cream and a few bevvies along the way – and sometimes this means I want to dress up in something a little looser and oversized.

I’ve been looking for a nice oversized t-shirt dress I could dress up or dress down for years now, and this is the one I’ve been waiting for. Black & white too; my all time fave. Here I have dressed it down with some kicks and a denim jacket, but bang on a pair of heels and a leather jacket and your good to hit the town.

Haha I did pre-warn you I had a new obsession with one shoulder, jumpsuits, and especially one shoulder jumpsuits. It’s exactly the same jumpsuit as the black one above, but in a different print obviously and has the opposite shoulder covered; you know for when you want a change.

This houndstooth belted one shoulder jumpsuit is an absolute must have for me, I’m not sure if dogs-tooth is coming back in fashion this season as I have seen quite a bit of it on the website recently, but whether it is or isn’t. I’m loving it!

Any new trends I should be on the hunt for? What silhouettes are you loving right now!?


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