How To Make Travelling A Pleasure Rather Than A Pain

Everyone loves holidays, there’s no doubt about it, but some people don’t like the experience of travelling to their destination. For some it’s boredom, and for others it’s a dislike or fear of the actual travelling part of their holiday. Whether you’re jetting off on a weekend away, or you’re going on your family holiday, there are always ways to make travelling a better experience. Even if travelling doesn’t particularly bother you, there should always be room for more fun and a more enjoyable experience. Here’s how to make travelling a pleasure rather than a pain.


Sort out distractions 

Some people have a massive fear of travelling, and that’s understandable. However, many people don’t take the steps to helping themselves endure through the travelling process. One of the best ways to eliminate any sort of fear or anxiety is through distraction, so if you’re worrying about the long plane journey or endless hours on a boat, then be sure to sort yourself out with some sort of distraction for the duration that you’ll be travelling. Here are some ideas of things that you could prepare:

  • A book you’ve never read before
  • Music that you love and keeps you calm
  • Work
  • Apps on your phone
  • Someone to talk to so that your mind isn’t racing
  • Knitting

Don’t do all the travelling in one day

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is by doing all of their travelling in one day. People do this so that they can get to their destination and begin enjoying themselves. However, this can become too much for some people. To solve this problem, you could spend the night at the hotel closest to the airport like Moxy London Heathrow Airport so that you could break up the amount of travelling. They offer luxury rooms with second to none service that will do nothing but help ease your travelling worries.

Take your camera

A great thing to do when on a journey is to take your camera and try and catch as many shots of different parts of the world as possible. If you’re travelling on the road then it’s likely that you will come across many spectacular views that you could stop by and take a photo. If you’re on a plane, imagine all of the pictures of fluffy clouds and civilisation below that you could take. Once you’ve returned from your holiday, you could make it into a scrapbook of places you’ve been.

Try to make travelling part of your holiday

Finally, rather than making a big deal out of travelling, you could try making the travelling part of your holiday. Many people use the mindset that once they’ve left home and are on their way, that’s when their holidays begin. Try it to see if it works for you!

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