How to use a Homeowner Loan

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Homeowner loans are available to those who have purchased a property and have a mortgage. They generally have a lower interest rate than bank loans and are payable over a longer-term, much like a mortgage. Homeowner loans are an excellent way to add value to a property or get set up shortly after moving in. Below are some useful ways you can use a homeowner loan to your advantage. 

A New Kitchen 

Whether you’ve recently moved into a new home or decided your kitchen is in need of some renovation, a home loan can allow you to make the upgrades you desire. It’s estimated that a kitchen renovation can increase the value of your home by up to 6%. That’s why it’s recommended that if you only have enough budget to renovate one room, it has to be the kitchen. Since it is so pivotal it makes sense to upgrade this room; first, it will immediately add value to your home, and you will have to get round to it sometime anyway. 

A Conservatory 

A conservatory is usually built at the back of a house. Sometimes called an extension, a conservatory can serve as another sitting room, a games room, or bedroom. It can be an excellent way of extending the floor space of your property and allowing more light in. Conservatories have been popular since Victorian times and don’t look like going out of fashion any time soon. Obviously, the quality of the conservatory will also influence the added value to the home, but it will typically add around 5%, and a home loan can make it possible. 

Debt Consolidation

Moving house can be expensive. You have new furniture to buy and renovations to do if you’re building the home you have more to think about. By the time you’re ready to move in, it’s not surprising that most budgets are stretched, and loans are required. If you’ve had to go into debt for these reasons, or for any other, then a home loan can help you to consolidate it into an affordable monthly payment. A homeowner loan from Evolution Money is measured against the value of your home and provides excellent interest rates, so it can be a good option. 


Another excellent way to add value to your property is by landscaping your outdoor area. The best way to do this is to hire a landscape contractor who knows the best way to redesign the land. A contractor will be able to assess your land type and give you popular options based on your budget. Landscaped outdoor areas are becoming ever more popular and will influence buyers as well as increase the properties market price. If your budget is stretched, a homeowner loan could be the best option. 

An Extra Room  

Most houses have rooms that don’t get much use. It could be a loft or a basement; even a large cupboard space has some potential. By creating a new room in your home, you add valuable floor space and increase the rooms available on the market. Furthermore, you can always lease or rent the room to a lodger or as an Airbnb. 

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