Kenya: Experience Wildlife At Its Finest

Kenya is a little gem of Africa that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. Kenya is one of the most beautiful parts of Africa that you could visit, purely because it’s the perfect mix of national parks and culture. Some other parts of Africa lean more towards the wildlife, or more towards the towns that you would be able to visit. Plus, Kenya really isn’t that expensive. All you need to do is payout for the holiday, your time actually in Kenya will be extremely cheap. Plus, the people are going to be ever so welcoming, as long as you go to the right parts. Make no mistake, Africa has a history of violence, so going off the beaten track is definitely not advised. But don’t let that put you off. Millions of people have chose Africa as their holiday destination, and millions return due to the amazing holiday that can be had. If you’re not convinced just yet, here’s why you should take a trip to Kenya.

Up Close & Personal With Wildlife 

The main point of this post was to express to you just how amazing the wildlife you’re going to be able to see will be. You’ll be up close and person with the wildlife in their own habitat, and nothing is more special than that. You’ll be able to see a range of different species, all from the comfort of a nice Safari jeep tour. It’s extremely safe, and most of the time the animals just let you wonder on by. Sometimes you will have to be a little more careful, especially if lions and tigers are about. But they’re such majestic creatures, and seeing them outside the walls of a zoo can often be breathtaking. To know that all of these animals survive in such a dried up landscape is amazing. But they have done so for years, and they will do so for many more!

The Beautiful Hotels 

The hotels are some of the most amazing around the world. Primarily because of the location, but also because of the experience that they offer. Some of them are luxury Kenya safari lodges that will put you right on the edge of all of the action. You might not be waking up the views of the seaside, but you will be waking up to some of the most magical views of the African planes. The hotels are probably the most expensive part of the holiday, but only because of the location and service that they offer. Most of them are 5*, and you can expect to be waited on hand and foot throughout the duration of your stay.

Touristy Things 

Kenya is full of touristy things to do. One of them is obviously visiting one of the national parks, but other include taking a walk around one of the many villages that there are. Some of them have markets running on certain days. The people of Kenya will handmake some of the finest rugs, wooden ornaments, and other things that you might want to buy. Kenya is not exactly a rich country, so purchasing something from the market could go a long way for them. If you’re not already at your laptop and booking a holiday after reading this, we suggest you switch it on and get booking!

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