OMG I’m wearing sweatpants

Ok so I don’t think I have ever wore as much loungewear as I have in the past few weeks. I have to say I do love this working from home malarkey and it’s something I could get very used to. As I’ve mentioned before I am someone who likes to get up, ready and dressed for the day ahead and sometimes I like to be in a blazer or powersuit but other times I simply like to feel the comfort.

I don’t think I really felt the full force of loungewear until now, having only appreciated them on weekends but over the last few weeks I quickly realized I needed more. This post contains gifted items from femme luxe. Femme luxe are a brand I love and have worked with on many occasions, and I have said before that my favourite things from femme luxe are their loungewear collections so I thought it was fitting that I showed you a few of their new pieces.

I remember being obsessed with one boxy set form femme luxe last year, I loved it so much I ended up picking it up in about 5 different colourways, and it’s been one of my go-to outfit choices recently. But I thought it was time to pickup some new pieces and just some simple joggers.

Usually I opt for loungewear sets that I could wear out but whilst were stuck in our homes for the foreseeable I thought it was time I upped my big comfy jogger collection too. Even though the weather is warming up, it can still get chilly on a morning and an evening for that matter, so a pair of joggers and a casual bodysuit has been my current go-to.

The first new pair of joggers I picked up was these light pink-cuffed joggers. They are a sort of candy pink and I thought would be perfect for my Wednesday pink day and make me feel very spring-esc. The waistband is super thick and has ones of those hidden drawstrings; although I have seen many people wear them turned down so they are visible, so whatever floats your boat really.

Paired with a simple white bodysuit these are the ultimate cosy jogger, I picked these up in a size 10 and they are very roomy, tbh I probably could have got away with sizing down in these, but the bigger the cosier so I’m still super happy with these.

Sticking with the joggers the next item I picked up was these stone contrast drawstring cuffed joggers, when it says these are cuffed, they really mean cuffed. They are super tight around the ankle, which I love.

I’m obsessed with beige, stone, sand and basically all the neutrals at the moment so these will fit perfectly into my wardrobe for the spring summer. I picked these up in a size L which was a 10/12 and again they are pretty roomy, I deffo should remember to size down in joggers, I mean like I said I do like them oversized and comfy but now I feel like I want some options to have some more fitted pairs too. I guess that gives me an excuse to order more right?

These joggers don’t have a hidden drawstring, but I really love the contrast drawstring they do have, they also have really deep pockets. I wasn’t overly keen on the Velcro fastening of the pocket on the bum, but I guess I can’t see that so that doesn’t matter.

The next pair of joggers I picked up was these blue contrast drawstring cuffed joggers; what was I saying about liking something and buying it in 5 different colours. Yes I am that person that if I like something I want it in every colour. It might be the same but you can style it up and make it look so different.

I also realized I don’t own anything navy blue in my wardrobe and that’s something I wanted to change so I thought I would say hello to a new pair of navy blue joggers and I love them.

The last item I picked up was this camel oversized leggings loungewear set. Now I absolutely love this colour it’s such a rich camel colour and I know will do me throughout all the seasons however I found the leggings to come up really small, so I would deffo upsize on this one.

I picked this set up in a M/L which is a 12/14 and I know I might have put on a few pounds eating chocolate in my house over the last few weeks but there is no way I’ve gone up to a 12-14 on my bottom half surely haha.

My bottom half has always been between and 8 and a 10. Lets say a 10 for comfort. The only reason I upsized in this is because it’s a set and I’m a 12 on top so I always have to size up when buying co-ords, dresses and the like.

Now the top is perfect, it’s oversized, it’s a good length, it feels great but the leggings…. I can get them on, so they do fit, it’s just they don’t come up high enough, so they are not high waisted and they also aren’t legging material if you know what I mean so they don’t stretch and I find the material to cling uncomfortably to my legs and are just super tight in certain areas, what I think I’m going to do with this is cut them into cycling shorts as I feel like there is more room on the thigh area.

To be fair I actually think this set would look really cute as a cycling shorts and oversized tee co-ord so keep a lookout for that over on my Insta as I’ll probably post an update over there.

Have you been living in joggers and loungewear at the minute or is it just me haha? Id love to know your thoughts on the pieces I selected.


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