Quick Tips for Creating Luscious, Long Locks

Many women dream of having thick, long, and luscious hair. It can be frustrating when it feels like your hair seems like it is not growing as much as you would like. But are there things that you can do to help your hair to grow and help to create some really luscious hair? On average, hair that isn’t damaged tends to grow about an inch each month. Although this can feel like not a lot, especially with trims to keep split ends at bay. That is why it can feel like your hair never seems to grow, not to mention how much more hair will snap and break when it is poor quality and damaged. 

You don’t need to give up on having the hair of your dreams, though. There are a few things that you can do to help your hair to grow. Plus, if all else fails, clip-in hair extensions can be a good choice to make your hair look thicker and fuller. Here are some of the tips that you can do to help your hair to grow.


Have a healthy and balanced diet

As the old saying goes, you are what you eat. The food that you consume is what your body will use to look after itself, so if it is not healthy and balanced, with a good range of foods, then you won’t be giving your hair the right kind of building blocks that will help it to grow at its best. For silky hair, make sure that you have plenty of protein in your diet, as well as iron. Vitamins like vitamin B can be important to add into your diet too.

Scalp massage

If you can get someone to massage your scalp on a regular basis, then it can make a difference to how long and full your hair grows; really! The kind of intense massage that can come from scalp massage leads to an improvement in blood circulation, and it helps to provide your hair with the nutrients that it needs to grow more quickly. Of course, you can also buy a scalp massager to do it yourself if you can’t find a willing participant. 

Trim your hair regularly

It can feel counterproductive to cut your hair when you’re looking to grow it, but a regular trim does actually help to keep your hair growing well. It chops off all of the dead stuff, which stops split ends from snapping off and avoids any tricky hair breakage. 

Avoid too much heat

If you use a hairdryer to dry your hair quickly, then it can be causing some damage to your hair. Hot air can strip hair of its natural oils, which dries it all out. When it is dry, hair can lead to damage and breakage. Where possible, let it dry naturally. The same goes for things like curling irons or hair straighteners. Try to avoid them on a daily basis and just use them as and when you need them. 

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