Reasons Why I Love Silk

I have been a lover of silk products for a while now from silk pyjamas, to silk pillowcases and now silk blouses. But how important is it to invest in a good quality silk product?

Well at LILYSILK they are well known for using the highest quality Mulberry silk which has so many benefits. It is known to have beauty benefits to help your hair and skin. It helps promote better sleep, and it has anti ageing properties, just to name a few. Probably why they have been featured in the likes of Vogue and Elle.

So for those reasons alone, I’d say it’s definitely worth the investment and something I’d personally like to invest more in this year. If you are a silk lover too, I would highly recommend checking out LILYSILK products, the quality is just outstanding and I have an exclusive discount code for you, so you can save some pennies. Just use code: Joanne12 at checkout. 

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