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Satin is most definitely ‘in’ right now and I absolutely love it! Tanned skin, (likely from the bottle) beach wavy hair, denim shorts and a satin bodysuit has been my go-to ‘out, out’ outfit recently.

There’s something quite elegant yet sexy about satin isn’t there – or is that just me. But some comfy bottoms, some flattering sandals, throw on a satin bodysuit and some unreal body glow, and that’s a winner in my eyes.

I am working with femme luxe finery on this post, which if you read my blogs, you will know I work with on a regular basis. This means that I have kindly been gifted the items, however all opinions are my own! I have to say though I can’t get enough of this brand, they have lots of new pieces in every week and always have what I’m after but in a different way.

So I’m one of those people that loves a good trend, and when I see someone wearing something I love, I’m like ‘ooh I need that in my wardrobe’ but femme luxe finery always manage to go that little bit extra. They have what I’m looking for – and more! So it makes their clothes rather unique; even if it’s just though an alternative neckline. It’s good to be different!

So the first item I chose was this black satin bodysuit, now I am a lover of the bright bodysuits which you will soon see, but sometimes you really can’t beat black.

This bodysuit of dreams literally goes with everything, it has the nice popper detail to the bottom so you’re not struggling to get in and out of it when needing a toilet trip; and it’s just a great fit.

The neckline was what initially drew me to this particular bodysuit, because trust me, when I say that have tones to choose from; they really do!

I wasn’t entirely sure if the neckline would be flattering on me, but I think it works really well. I would say you will need some sort of tit tape or nipple covers just because when you learn forward you don’t want to be giving anyone an eyeful.

Actually depending on your height, I would say you could probably size down on this, which would make it much more fitting around the chest area, however I like a bit of breathing room if it’s not a stretch material so I always size up slightly.

The next bodysuit I chose was this nude satin bodysuit. I have been seeing the unusual cup wired bodysuits on a few different people and I loved them so I thought I would try one for myself.

Now I have to say this wasn’t my favourite item, I think the fit was a lot looser so I had baggy bits around the waist and stomach, yet the wired cups were on the small side; so from the side I wasn’t fully in place, but not supportive enough from the front.

I feel like someone smaller, or simply with an asymmetric chest haha would look absolutely amazing in this, I love the colour, it’s such a subtle pearly, soft pink; well it’s classed as nude, but it is gorgeous; and the structure and quality was really fab – I just feel like it was maybe one of them items that didn’t quite suit me. I’m not sure, what do you think?

Now the last bodysuit has to be my favourite I think, I am obsessed with orange in the summer, it’s my all-time fave, in fact I have just ordered some gorgeous bright orange heels, amongst some sandals; so I will have to do a shoe haul type of blog-post soon!

So anyway yeah, when I saw this neon orange bodysuit with the structured waist and cups, I knew I wanted to try this one. I feel like this is your typical bodysuit, just in satin! This one is a lot stretchier than the others, so fits perfectly in all the right places. I feel like this would look so good with denim shorts for a dressy evening look on holiday.

What’s been your take on the satin bodysuit trend? Or satin in general should I say? I’d love to hear your thoughts?


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