Summer Destinations You Can’t Afford to Overlook

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Having worked the entire year, you owe yourself a well-deserved holiday. With the whole world in front of you, all you have to do is choose your next summer destination. 

Truth be told, traveling on holiday is a huge amount of fun. But it’s one thing to go on holiday, and it’s quite another to decide where to go. The thing with holiday destinations is that you’re always spoilt for choice. 

As exciting as it may sound, choosing your next summer destination is often quite a tedious task. It would help if you did your homework, and rightly so. After all, there’s no room for mistakes. 

Like any other traveler, you want your holiday trip to be an epic experience. And since summer is just around the corner, you’ll likely make that trip of enchantment that you’ve been looking forward to throughout the year. 

But this begs the question, where should you go this summer? While the opportunities and options are many, you’re probably stuck between the tropics and northern hemisphere. If you don’t get to enjoy the sun almost all year round, these destinations may be on your mind even though you’re likely to raise a tone to your skin. 

Any suitable holiday destination should allow you to make the most of your summer. The good thing is there are plenty of pristine getaways that will probably tickle your fancy. 

It’s a cardinal rule that you should not always go for the most “popular” because the best surprises are found in the simple pleasures. You’ll hardly find the best destination, especially if you’re not willing to get off the beaten tourist track and explore. 

There are numerous summer beach destinations that you can’t afford to overlook. Not only are they to die for, but it’s also likely that you’ve not heard about them. 

Whitehaven Beach, Australia

From down under, Whitehaven is a beautiful beach that stands up to its name. If you’ve been longing to enjoy the sugary white sand, this summer destination will give you 7km of pristine sand. 

It’s also the ultimate spot for anyone stopping by just for the day or the backpackers. Having earned the title of Queensland’s cleanest beach, Whitehaven is a sight to behold. Besides, it’s home to green, blue, and turquoise waters. 

At Whitehaven, you’ll get a relaxing environment as you bid to make the most of a peaceful day. 

Malindi Marine, Kenya 

Kenya is home to wildlife and safaris. It’s top among the perfect destinations for safari adventures. But surprisingly, Kenya has beautiful marine life. 

A visit to Malindi Marine, and you’ll find the most amazing sandy beaches and coral reefs. With these features, Malindi Marine is the perfect place for scuba diving. 

There are spot-on breathtaking sceneries that range from clear waters to beaches covered with golden sand. It’s the ideal place for marine life. Plus, you’ll get up close and personal with nature.  

Wasaga Beach, Ontario

When you think of Canada, the sight of a beach might not be the first thing that crosses your mind. And here’s the thing, you’re also probably not aware that Canada has the largest shoreline in the world.

Ontario has a fair share of the shoreline, which plays host to Wasaga Beach. So pristine is this beach that it’s the longest freshwater beach in the world. That’s not all; it has 8 miles of white sandy shoreline.

Throughout the year, there are plenty of lively events held here, including the Wasaga Beach Blues Fest and Wasaga Beach Fest. But before you make the trip to Canada, you need to visit the eTA website to ascertain whether you’re eligible to get into the northern nation. 

Gili Trawangan, Indonesia 

If you love sea turtles, then Gili Trawangan should be among the many items on your bucket list. It’s the perfect beach getaway for anyone who harbors the dream of experiencing sea turtles in their natural habitat.

This beach is more of a pedestrian island because you can only access it using a bicycle or horse cart. Along the beach, there are cute little restaurants where you can enjoy a snack or a full meal. All this while, you’ll be taking a dip in the deep blue sea and relaxing in the sun. 

Crete, Greece  

The Island of Crete is a monumental piece of nature that will make all your holiday dreams come true. With its crystal-clear blue waters and magnificent landscape, Crete has everything to die for. 

You can take a stroll along the atmospheric winding alley-ways or a round-trip to the Samaria Gorge on this island. 

You can go further and explore Elafonissi Beach, which often goes by the name, the Caribbean Crete. Here, you’ll get to see white and pink sand whirl around the beach’s clear waters.    

White Beach, Boracay, Philippines 

This beach is a preserve for anyone willing to make the journey. It plays host to some dazzling white sand. Its waters are so clean that you can barely see your toes. There’s also a lush jungle backdrop for all to see. 

For quite a long time, this beach has been flying under the radar, but not anymore. The beachside dining and grottos are some of the things that make White Beach, Boracay, one of the busiest swaths of sand.  

Other than great personal service at the resorts, there’s hardly anything else that can eclipse Boracay’s beautiful sunsets. 

Reethi Rah, Maldives 

With over 1,200 beaches to choose from, it’s quite a herculean task to single out the Maldives’ favorite beach. But the Reethi Rah is one of the standout choices that can hardly go unnoticed.    

This large-than-average beach has eight perfect strands of sand circle to its name. What’s more, each strand is ostensibly better than the next. And this beach never feels crowded because it’s home to only one resort. 

There’s also a hopping beach club scene, and tourists can only be accommodated in villas. 

While travel has largely been on pause, it’s almost certain that you miss a coveted beach vacation. It’s not only you, but everyone wants to get away from it all. As you can see, there are plenty of options out there that can suit every traveling soul’s tastes and preferences. 

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