The 4 things I wish I knew before moving out

So I have been saving for a house for the past few years, putting away some of my salary every month, and before that; part of my student loan. Anyway it was only about a year ago I was at a point where I had enough for a deposit and if I could get a 40 year mortgage, I could comfortably afford the cheap repayments.

However… I didn’t realise that the banks actually won’t lend you enough to actually buy a house. Possibly naivety but I now fully understand why everyone says it is so difficult to get onto the property ladder. I was honestly under the impression, when you had your 10% and a steady monthly income, you’d be laughing. Well no that isn’t the case; not if your doing things solo that is.

I understand there is schemes in place but the help to buy scheme I am in-eligable for, and the shared ownership scheme… well unless the council owns the other half, the rent on these properties isn’t cheap by any means. So it’s back to square one.

I have always been stubborn, it’s one of my many downfalls, and I refused to go into a rented property to pretty much skint myself, stop all of my current savings and frankly ‘put money in someone else’s pocket’ but I was stuck, I’d come to the realisation I couldn’t get a mortgage on my own and my parter was in a similar predicament, his tenancy was coming to an end, and before we dove in head first and parted with our monies, we needed to test the water, so we thought; lets just do it.

This is when the life learning begun. Realistically I should have probably moved out and grown up a lot sooner than 24 but as I mentioned before; I’m stubborn. I wanted to get my career in place, and then buy a nice 2 bed semi somewhere and sit on Pinterest every night deciding on what colour scheme for what room, and what decor to order first. What a joker eyy.

Lesson 1It’s just the beginning

Things don’t need to be perfect. Remember this isn’t your forever home. When we first started property hunting I wouldn’t even click on a property if it didn’t have white walls. Now call me what you want, I know it sounds super silly, but 90% of the time you cannot re-decorate rented properties and I didn’t want a bedroom that was royal blue or any other funky colour for that matter. I also wanted a white kitchen, somewhere with grey carpets throughout and doors with nice handles haha. I soon learnt that when you have a budget and a specific location, you can’t be all that fussy.

I have ended up in a house with magnolia walls throughout; another pet peeve of mine, I know people do love their magnolia, but to me it looks like an ‘off white’ stained wall colour that needs a fresh coat of paint, and why anyone would create such an invention is beyond me, but hey ho, with my decor and personal touches, it actually looks great.

My kitchen has an old fashion vinyl floor with oak stained wooden units and tarnished brass handles. The complete oposite of my interior taste. I have one small house bathroom that has no bath, just a small shower cubicle, light brown carpets throughout and white wooden doors that have swelled so much they do not close.

Initially my thoughts were to DIY vinyl the kitchen floor and units, and lay down giant sized rugs for starters. Now the reality is all this comes at a price and would this make me any happier? not really. A house is only ever a house until you make it a home.

You just need to remember why you moved out in the first place, for whatever reason; whether that be for your independence, for your relationship or for family. You can put your personal touch on any space and make it your own and this isn’t forever, this is just the beginning!

Lesson 2Choose somewhere you can afford to live comfortably

I have to say budgeting comes pretty easy to me. I have always been really good with money. I like shopping don’t get me wrong, but I spend within my means and I love a bargain.

But when your calculating your costs, there may be other things you don’t think of, so you know you have your rent, the council tax, the gas and electric bills and the water rates to pay for but what else is there?

If you are renting an unfurnished pad like myself you have all that to buy, but it’s also important to take into account your other outgoings like broadband, mobile phone, your groceries, your toiletries, your student loan or any other loans you may have. Also the things that are usually miraculously there when you need them like a hoover, a mop, cleaning products and toilet rolls. That’s not including your meals out, your online shopping addiction and any other habits you have picked up along the years.

You need to be adding all this into your budget before you start looking at properties, or you may think you can afford a plusher place on the other side of town, but then realise you are leaving yourself pretty short for the remainder of the month.

In saying that remember that bargains can be found. Try going to cheaper supermarkets to do your weekly food shop and make it a competition to see how much you can save. Don’t waste food; only buy the things you know you will eat for the week and try unbranded foods, a lot of supermarkets own foods actually have fewer carbs and calories, so you never know you may also shed a few pounds along the way.

I know it’s important to live somewhere nice, but you don’t need the added stress and anxiety of living month to month, make sure you choose somewhere you can afford to live comfortably. This will also help you in still being able to put away a little money every month for your future home and goals.

Lesson 3It is really important to set goals

Speaking of goals. Have a goal. It’s so important to set yourself goals, if moving out was one of your goals, replace it with something bigger and better because learning to stand on your own two feet can be tiring and it’s so easy to get caught up in work and life in general that you forget about yourself.

Moving house itself can really take it out of you, but coming home from a long day at work to find a grand pile of washing up waiting for you, along with a dirty sink, a blocked plughole in the shower, and bits all over the carpets from your new fur jacket can really just top off your evening.

That’s why I think it is really important to set goals, give yourself something to work towards and make sure you reward yourself for your achievements (even if no one else does). Create lists and feel the satisfaction when you tick them off. Get a gratitude planner and write down one thing everyday you are thankful for and if nothing else then please just take some time out every now and then; just for you.

Now I’m not saying to neglect your house and your duties, but don’t try and do too much at once, it will all still be there tomorrow; and tomorrow is a new day.

I make sure I have at least one night a week that is a bit of a pamper night, I sit in my spare room which we have made into a bit of a dressing room / beauty room for me. I catch up with some tv or watch my favourite youtube channels whilst I do my tan, or write a blog post, or read a book. I just do whatever I feel in the mood for that evening, but try to do something that relaxes you, makes you feel good and puts you in a positive mood at least once a week. A positive mindset can do so much for your wellbeing in general but that is a whole other topic.

Lesson 4It just takes a bit of time to get used to sharing

Moving in with someone new for the first time is stressful no matter how long you have known them, if you are used to having your own space and suddenly you find yourself having to fight for your half of the bed; it’s perfectly normal to have a bit of a panic.

Simply put it, it just takes a bit of time to get used to sharing your life with someone, and some days will be better than others (she says through tired eyes after been kicked awake at 3am this morning) haha but remember not to get stuck in a boring routine.

If you have moved in with a friend or a partner, it can be testing. Everyone always says it dosen’t matter how long you have known someone, you don’t really know them until you have lived with them.

So make sure your still making time for each other out of the house. Weather that’s popping to the shops, going to the cinema, or going out for a nice bit of dinner on a Friday night. You may see each other everyday now, but you also need to make sure you are still spending quality time with one another.

It’s also a big life learning lesson to compromise and be respectful of one another. If something is important to them, they want to have friends over, they want to watch a programme on TV at 7pm or they simply need to get an early night and need you to be quiet for the evening. You need to respect that.

You need to be understanding and allow them to have a bit of ‘me time’ as well, this goes both ways and if you can compromise with them, I’m sure they will do the same for you and help you out when you need it.

The longer you live with someone the easier this will become and soon you will fall into a happy routine that you both can enjoy.

Was moving out a smooth process for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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