What’s In Your Handbag?
¡Hola! so what does the average handbag really contain? Well I’m sure everyone carries different bits, but the thought of seeing how much my handbag would be really worth intrigued me, so here goes.

My handbag itself is a copy of the ‘Alexander Wang, Kristen multi-strap suede shoulder bag’ which has just dropped 50% on net-a-porter, bringing it down to £347.50, however I got mine through eBay which set me back only £36.00. I also always carry my iPhone 4 and headphones, I could not be without those bad boys, that total’s to around £200.00. I am also never without my deodorant and perfume’s, a bit odd that I carry two bottles of perfume but sometimes I fancy a change, I tend to differ from my Carolina Herrera 212 perfume, to my Paco Rabanne black XS, together that would cost me around £80.00 depending on what size bottles I go for. I also carry little bits like tissues, a pen and my recent purchase of a tangle teezer which I don’t know how I have managed to be without for so long, this would be around £12.00. I am also pretty much always with my make-up bag recently as well, which is a copy of ‘Louis Vuitton’ which I found in Marbella. This contains too much to mention, but that probably would set me back a good £50.00. Those who know me will know that, yes I am a smoker, and I am never ever without my cigarettes and lighter, as I travel to Spain often, a 20 deck would only set me back around £5.00, so that isn’t too bad. I also have my purse which is also a copy of ‘Louis Vuitton’ which I picked up in Benidorm earlier this year for £20.00,  and with the contents it comes to around £50.00, I never carry too much money on me as I can’t stand a heavy jam packed purse, and receipt hoarders really infuriate me haha. Finally I also have my keys, I’m actually not too sure how much house keys are worth but if I was to guess I’d guess around £20.00 per key, so for my two keys, it would be around £40.00.      

That bring’s the total contents of my bag to £473.00.
Not as much as some people’s handbags would be worth but it is a lot more than what I was expecting, considering on a daily basis I don’t carry many electronic’s for example my camera or my travel laptop, and at the minute I’ve broke up from uni so I don’t have any note books or anything with me, and with the weather been as it is, it hasn’t really been worth carrying other bits like my sunglasses etc. 

So yes if my bag was to be stolen I’d be devastated if I wasn’t covered with my house insurance, deffinatly something I need to check I think.    



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