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Going On A Road Trip Adventure? How To Pack For All Eventualities

Packing for a road trip adventure is no mean feat. You will be travelling long distances over different terrains and taking part in all sorts of adventures. One day you may need to be dressed to the nines whilst having dinner in an up market restaurant, the following day you could be white water rafting! Your trip is certain to be full of excitement and adventure and the memories you create will last a lifetime, but what on earth will you wear and more to the point how will you pack everything you need, without taking your entire wardrobe and kitchen sink?

If you normally reside in the country in which you are taking your road trip, you’ll have the luxury of being able to carefully pack your own vehicle or hired vehicle meticulously. You’ll be able to maximise all available space and ensure you don’t forget anything. Write lots of lists and tick off each item when packed. Most vehicles have lots of hidden storage, such as under the seats and in footwells. Grab a copy of the vehicles manual and get to know your vehicle thoroughly before setting off.

Travelling from a different country and picking your vehicle up from the airport is a different story. You’re going to have to plan your trip very carefully regarding items to pack, otherwise you will soon exceed your weight limit on the plane. 
Must haves 
There are certain items that are absolutely essential to pack, as you won’t be able to travel anywhere without them! Such items include insurance documents, driving licenses for everyone intending to drive, passports, visas, maps, mobile phone and charger, money, itinerary, accommodation contact details and first aid items. Emergency telephone numbers should be kept handy. Check the country’s rules and regulations regarding driving and add any necessary items. 
Luggage allocation 
What will you pack all your necessary items in? If you’re travelling as a family or group of friends, there simply won’t be enough space in your vehicle for everyone to take a suitcase each. In fact suitcases are tricky to pack and each person would be best off using a rucksack, which can be squashed into small spaces and double up for trekking and camping trips. 
A large rucksack could be packed with the majority of your luggage, you could then research backpack bags that are available, for you to pack essential items in for that particular day. It would be useful to pack into a small backpack sleep attire for hotel stopovers, toiletries and a change of clothes. These can then be replenished when required from your main rucksack. Your backpack will also be useful for sightseeing day trips. 
In addition to a rucksack and overnight backpack it would be a good idea to pack a small bag to be kept near you in the car. You’re likely to be travelling long distances meaning a lot of time will be spent in the car. You will need certain items kept to hand such as money, books, snacks, camera headphones and phone. 
As space is at an absolute premium, choose outfits that are versatile enough to suit many occasions. Your itinerary will allow you to ensure you have the correct clothing for certain activities such as hiking, swimming and watersports, don’t be tempted to pack your own equipment though, as it will be easier and more space saving to hire it. 
Choose clothing made from natural, breathable fibres such as cotton. Linen although cooling is very hard to keep pristine as it creases so easily. Choose loose clothing and dress up with accessories as the occasion requires. Try not to over pack as most hotels and campsites will have laundry facilities. 
Most importantly pack comfortable shoes! Travelling and walking takes its toll on your feet so comfort is your utmost priority. You’ll probably only need to pack a couple of pairs, so choose very carefully. 
Check the weather before you travel and remember that you’re likely to experience changeable conditions when trekking up mountains. It would be useful to pack a waterproof jacket if required. 
and the rest … 
Unless you are travelling from home there will be no need to pack food. You can organise trips to the supermarket whilst travelling. A cool bag to keep any perishables would be useful. As you will be travelling for long periods of time it would be useful to take some sort of in-car entertainment. You could pack travel games, DVD’s and a good idea would be for everyone to create a CD compilation of their favourite songs. 
Don’t forget sunglasses and baby wipes! 
Enjoy your trip!
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