The Subaru WRX Navigation Will Wow You

When you think about Subaru you might not be thinking about a fast, sporty vehicle. Top of mind instead is likely the all-terrain, sporty vehicles that perform just as well off-road as in the urban jungle. But, we like speed as much as the next car connoisseur, which is why we also produce racers like the WRX.

The 2019 WRX, which starts at $27,195 and gets an average 27 miles on the highway, is designed for exceptional handling and you will fan-girl over the Subaru WRX navigation for this reason. If you love cars as much as we do, you will definitely appreciate the attention to detail that’s given to this four-door favorite.

Prepare yourself for the best handling offered in the WRX and WRX STI yet. With the perfect mix of performance-engineered power and precision-tuned steering, you’ll never want to let go.

Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive 

This feature is what you want around on those winding curves, both on the track and during your next road trip. It creates exemplary stability that you can rely on as the car delivers optimal power for maximum traction.

Vehicle Dynamics Control with Active Torque Vectoring 

Again, this feature lets you seamlessly navigate around the sharpest turns on tighter lines. If you detest slowing to a crawl to safety round bends, this will never be a concern when you’re behind the wheel of the Subaru WRX navigation system.

Quick-Ration Steering and Aluminum Front Lower Control Arms 

This allows the WRX to respond instantly to each turn of the wheel and makes you feel even more confident while driving, no matter what conditions you face.

Track-Tuned Suspension 

Superior handling is the focus of the WRX and this feature paired with the large front and rear anti-roll bars and wide summer tires with tremendous grip and control allow you to drive the way a car is meant to rule the road.

Direct-Injection Turbocharged Subaru Boxer Engine 

Subaru has been perfecting this engine for more than 40 years and has discovered that allowing the pistons to move side to side rather than up and down dramatically reduces vehicle vibrations and allows for an overall smoother and quieter ride. This particular layout also improves the stability of the vehicle and its overall ability to maximize power.

Sports Lineartronic Transmission 

The WRX is one of just a few Subaru vehicles where you can upgrade to this transmission with SI-Drive and paddle shifters. This might not sound too useful, but it actually provides more manual control in an automatic vehicle as you’ll then have the ability to take over in 6 or 8-speed manual modes. If you seek automation on most days with the ability for some manual fun, this is an asset you’ll use when you purchase a WRX.


Subaru WRX navigation system is made for you to roam the roads with confidence, which is why—in addition to the most effective internal components—Subaru has added STARLINK to its WRX.

Certainly STARLINK allows you to more easily get from one place to another using GPS, but it’s much more than just that. It brings multimedia content, smartphone connectivity, added safety, and even more convenience to each driving experience.

Multimedia: Via Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, or Pandora integration, you will be able to listen to music, news, podcasts, or connect to any of your other favorite apps to access content when you want it. Wireless pairing and hands-free smartphone operation are also possible.

Safety: With STARLINK in the WRX you’ll have access to automatic collision notification, enhanced roadside assistance, stolen vehicle recovery, and remote services.

Wi-Fi: While you may be concentrating on the road, your passengers don’t have to sit idyll or waste their data as STARLINK allows anyone to connect to the available Wi-Fi signal for easy phone or tablet navigation during short and long trips.

Voice Command: There will be times when you’re on the road and suddenly have to change direction or want to know how to escape the traffic. While you may be able to safely and sneakily tap in what you want into the Subaru WRX navigation system, you can now just audibly make your request. Not only can you get direction via voice command you can also make calls, change the music, and adjust the climate controls.

Internal Comforts 

Navigation isn’t just about getting from one to place to another; it’s also about how comfortable you feel during your drive, no matter how long or short.

Yes, the WRX was built for speed and exceptional handling, but the interior was not left out in the design process, which will make you love it all the more. In fact, it has 60/40-split rear seats and a 12 cubic-foot trunk so you can fit all your gear no matter what kind of adventure or work trip you might take. Additionally, no other all-wheel-drive vehicle in its class can haul more friends in comfort as it offers more passenger volume as well.

The Subaru WRX is a superior overall vehicle, but don’t just take our word for it. It earned the 2018 Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) Safety Pick+ award, ALG said the 2019 WRX will retain its value better than any vehicle in its class for five years running, and its also known as the longest-lasting turbocharged vehicle in its class.

If what you seek is a modern, sporty car that will perform in the urban jungle as well as the off-roading adventures, then you can’t go wrong with the WRX, especially because of the superior Subaru WRX navigation system in tow.

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