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4 Business Tasks That Are Not Your Job

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As a small business owner you are going to want to have your hands in everything. You are going to want to know who’s coming, what’s going, and who is doing what. Let it be said that not everything is your responsibility, and there are plenty of business tasks that can be left to others to take care of for you. Here are a few business tasks you can give to other people to handle while you build your business to its full potential. 


Scheduling can be done by one of your subordinates. Scheduling is time consuming and is a puzzle that is sometimes difficult to solve. The person in your business who manages the employees should make the schedule so that you can concentrate on your professional growth. If you are the one managing the employees then find someone on your team who can do the schedule based on operational needs. Having someone who is in the mix with everyone knows who is stronger and who is weaker and they can help you plan accordingly. 

Get a Message Service

Answering phones all day is not going to make you more successful if it is taking you away from taking your idea to its highest height. Answering services like a Ruby Receptionist will field your calls and take your messages, and when you are ready to answer calls, you can gather your messages and promptly return any business calls you need to answer. By having all of your calls spread out before you, you can prioritize what needs to be done right away and what can wait because it is of less importance. 

Opening and Closing the Shop

You don’t need to be at your business around the clock. If you hire someone you trust, you can have someone do the opening and closing so that you can focus on working with clients and customers. If you shorten your day to be as productive as possible and work with who and what is most important to your professional growth, you can continue to keep your team employed and expand your business and give your team promotions. Get someone you trust to open up and close so that you can have more time to get to work. 


If you have a business that requires the weekly task of inventory, have someone else do it. In restaurants and retail stores, inventory can take four hours or more depending on how busy and big your store is. That is precious time you could be spending making deals, making your customers and clients happy, and networking to instill more growth in the business. Pass inventory off on someone you trust because all you need to concern yourself with is the final numbers and when those are given to you, you can start molding and shifting your business to being more lucrative. 

By taking these simple steps to free up your time, you will find you can be more focused on your vision. 

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