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Okay so I’ve been a trouser person for a long time now. From a smart black pair of tailored trousers, to a pair of high waisted skinnies – trousers are the perfect option to pair with almost anything. But recently I have been looking out-side the box. I have noticed that I am drawn to different prints, styles and fabric at the moment that I usually wouldn’t go for; I find that just a small change like something as simple as the fabric can make your outfit that little bit more special.

So this month’s haul if you like is a ‘bottoms’ haul. I am working with Femme Luxe Finery on this post, and they have kindly gifted me the pieces I am going to show you. I have two pairs of trousers and a skirt to show you. Let’s start with the skirt actually, then we can move on to trousers. So I love denim skirts, they can be dressed up and down, they are feminine but can also give your outfit some edge, and I love to throw them on when I’m on holiday. What I have never had though, is a camo print denim skirt.

I have been seeing the camo print everywhere recently, in trousers, shirts and now skirts. I feel like the trousers might be a little much for me, but the skirts, I love. Thrown on with some chunky trainers, or even sandals for a cuter style.

So the first thing I chose was this little camo mini. I have to say the quality and comfort of this little number is way better than I thought it would be. So the denim is not a tough denim – it’s that stretch jegging style denim, if you’re with me.

Basically the absolute best material for hot weather; especially for holiday, there’s nothing worse when it’s roasting hot, you’ve eaten your body weight in pizza and ice cream, and you’re sat with a denim waistband digging in you. So yes this was an absolute bonus to find out it was a comfortable material and I can say that the grey camo cargo pockets skirt – Tiana will be accompanying me on my jolly’s next week!

The next item I chose was these satin flares. Now I don’t know what it is about satin at the moment either but I am falling in love with everything silky right now. I am actually on the hunt for a satin mini dress if anyone has any recommendations. But these black satin flare trousers – Brooke, I was very impressed by, the quality is great, the fit is on the big side as they are sized in between two sizes so I would say to size down in them, however a small tuck in the waist or a tight belt, and they would be perfect.

Plus; having something on the bigger side means more room for dinner right? I think they had these in a few other colours too, but you know me; I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a classic black pair of trousers, and there is something about flares, I love right now. I feel like they elongate your legs and make you look much taller and slender than you are; another plus right.

The last item I got was these cargo pants, yep I am still not over the utility trend, I love the cargo jumpsuits, cargo playsuits, utility shorts, utility skirts and now these utility trousers have also been added to my collection! They are called the stone cargo slim fit trouser – sunny if you want to search it! They are actually in the sale right now for only £9.99.

I have to say femme luxe finery have the best collection I have seen online for this trend, so deffo check them out if you are also on the hunt, they also have pretty much every colour way in this trend too, whether your into the natural stone colours, the bright neon’s the classic black’s or even the rustic oranges – which I think looks great with a tan.

These trousers were absolutely true to size and another great fit. The quality is really good, and again it’s a statement piece you can pair with a simple tee and still look somewhat put together. I feel again this is another piece that can be dressed up or dressed down, whatever the outing and whatever the occasion really.

I’d love to know your favourite piece from the haul? Are you more of a bottom’s kind of girl or do you like to dress things up with your tops?


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