How to stay warm on your walks

Although Spring is fast approaching, it’s still very much Winter weather here in the UK. I did hear we were supposed to get some warmer weather this week but I’ve still been wrapped up in my cosy jumpers and scarf’s all week; and that’s been inside the house haha.

But what do I wear to stay warm when heading out?

Well as we are still in a national lockdown here in the UK, I just first want to relay that we should only be heading out for essential trips and daily exercise, if your from the UK you’re probably fed up of hearing about it, but so many people are still flouting the rules and the sooner ALL people can start following the government advice, the sooner we can get back to some normality.

I’m booked in to have my first covid vaccine next week too! Fingers crossed all goes well, I will keep you updated! at least that’s one step in the right direction ey.

I don’t know about you but any outdoor exercise I am just not a fan of unless the weather is good. I know that sounds so bad, but I really hate been out in the cold. I am one of those people that get a full on cold from just been outside in cold temperatures for too long.

I know, it’s an old wives tale. Apparently you can’t catch a cold from just being cold. Well I do OK ha. Scientifically speaking I guess it can’t be an actual cold, so I like to call it ‘a chill’

Well I won’t be getting ‘a chill’ any more! Not now I have myself a heated jacket! Yes, you heard correctly, it’s a heated jacket!

I have to admit I’m not really very knowledgeable on wearable technology. I knew it existed but from what I had seen, these kind of garments were never really ‘fashion focused.’ They did the job, great for dog walks, daily walks and outdoor exercise but they didn’t look great.

8K tech apparel however, have changed the game with wearable technology, they offer heated jackets and heated gilets for both men and women that are slim fit, on trend and basically look like the kind of fashion puffer you’d want to be wearing and showing off on your walks; because lets face it, if we can’t dress up for our daily walk, what can we dress up for?

So how does it heat up? it’s powered by a power bank you can simply charge up, secure in it’s secret inside pocket and tada the back panel of your jacket will instantly heat up to keep you nice and cosy! ps: the power bank comes with the jacket!

How warm does it get? The temperature of the heating zone in the back of the jacket will reach 50°C

Can I wash my jacket? Yes you can! The garments are durable and washable and you get a little wash bag with your jacket so you can pop it in there to wash.

Are the puffers waterproof? Yes they are! The heating technology is both water-resistant and breathable. It also has a detachable hood for those days when rain is expected (often here in the UK.)

What size did I get? I picked up this puffer in a size L. I used the size finder online to help me choose my size, it first asked me my usual size which would be a M, it then asked me what fit I would like; close-cut, tight, average, loose or oversized.

I chose to opt for an average fit, because I want to be able to wear this jacket not only in now, but also all through next winter and the likelihood is I will have big thick jumpers on underneath this half of the time, so I needed a little bit of extra room.

I’m really happy with the fit, I like it both open and closed, but do use their size finder, to see your perfect size.

This jacket also came with a free face mask which I thought was a nice touch because, can we ever really have enough face masks at the moment? I think not.

I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit more about this jacket, if you do have any other questions that I have not covered, feel free to DM me over on Instagram and I’ll try my best to help!



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