DIY Gucci hat – boujee on a budget

I have been loving the headband on hat trend as of late, I saw it a lot over the summer with stretch headbands being placed over straw hats and now I have been starting to see this trend fall into autumn.

To be completely honest, I’ve never been much of a hat person, I always felt like a bit of a ‘prat in a hat’ but I see them all over my instagram and pinterest feeds every year for fall and I love how cute they look, especially styled with little dresses and booties so this year I decided to pick myself up a black one.

I’ve worn it that much, I had to pick up another one in camel… and I might have also ordered a coffee coloured one and a ginger coloured one… but whose counting right.

Now for the headbands, I have a few of these pull on bands, you can pick them up super cheap from amazon, ebay, primark; the usual suspects. However I particularly loved this white gucci headband.

So as I do, I went on the hunt to find myself; and well, you guys too, a bargain. I have delivered. I found this gucci dupe headband on eBay for £18.00 they do a few different colours however I went for this white one! They also do other designs and prints and start from £10.00!

BUT be quick if you want to get your hands on one as like any ebay or amazon designer dupe, I am sure they won’t be here for long.

If you like your designer bits but are, like myself; on a budget and you don’t mind dupes of course! then come follow me on the LTK app as I post exclusive content over there, including all the designer dupes I come across!



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