So hopefully by now you have at least started your Christmas shopping! If your like me, you will have practically finished! But there are many out there that leave everything until the last minute! So this is a short Christmas gift guide for the ‘Best Friend’ Sometime’s it’s the ones you know the best, that are the hardest to buy for. This year the girls and I have decided to each pick an item or two in a certain price range, and then we all put our money together, this way we each get something we actually want but wouldn’t necessarily go out and buy ourselves. It’s basically a reformed way of doing ‘Secret Santa’, but even this is too much for some of the girls, as they have no idea what they want. So here are some idea’s for you!

Perfume – Sometime’s it just dosent feel right to buy yourself perfume, I think I’ve only ever purchased a bottle of perfume once and that was in ‘Duty Free’ so that felt acceptable. Perfume is probably the only thing you can’t go wrong with at Christmas. There is so many choices! Just keep an eye out for what ones they usually wear, or what type of scent they like a perfume to have, if they like to change! I know my signature scent would have to be ‘Carolina Herrera 212,’ ‘Paco Rabanne Lady Million’ or ‘Paco Rabanne Black XS.’ These three amazing perfume’s have been with me since they arrived on the shop floor, and I haven’t found anything that compete’s even close as of yet! 

Personalized Day Planner –  Now this is actually what I have asked for from the girls this year, I really wanted one at the beginning of the year but I couldn’t bare to part with the money for what seemed to be a ‘fancy diary.’ But I am forever making to-do lists and jotting things down and I decided that 2014 was the year I was going to own one! This website seems to be the best I have come across with the options of sizes, the vast amount of designs, and the value for money! It was £20.00 plus p&p and it looks amazing! I can’t wait for it to arrive! Now the last day to purchase in order for them to come before Christmas has gone, but I thought i’d add it on here anyway, as I still think it is a perfect gift, even if it’s for birthday’s! a late present! or even just a little gift to yourself! 

Macaroon’s –  I have ordered some of these for me and my family to devour on Christmas day! I don’t have a clue why the biggest craze at the moment seem’s to be macaroon’s. But after watching every season of Gossip Girl twice! I have been waiting to try these! They are a perfect gift for the best friend and can be purchased gift boxed here.

Beauty Crackers – I was actually on the Debenhams website Christmas shopping for my gran when I came across these crackers in the sale, filled with bath salts and bath fizzers I thought they would be perfect to take to the Christmas meal the girls and I are doing on Monday night, when we give each other our pressies! These were only £4.90 and I just could not resist! Get here

iPhone Keyboard Case – I have just recently purchased one of these for myself! It is a wireless keyboard case that works via Bluetooth! I have already had loads of people asking me where I got this, and I thought it would be a great stocking filler for a friend! I got mine of eBay, it was a very quick dispatch and a great price of £8.55 with free shipping. Get your’s here!

Disaronno Gift Set – Everyone has a different taste in alcoholic beverages! I, myself am not a fan of Disaronno, but I have a friend who is and I just couldn’t resist this little gift set including a small bottle of Disaronno, a glass and a coaster for £3.99 from Sainsburys! I would of never even thought to look in supermarkets, but I just happened to come across this whilst doing a food shop! Check out your local supermarkets! or purchase this gift set here!  

Merry Christmas + Happy New Year’s
                                                                                                  HOLA JOANNE


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